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New main objective: Enter PinewatchThe bandits headquarters in midway between Falkret and Helgen - those are also the places from which it's best to head out. New main objective: Recover Endon's Silver MoldHead inside and take a look around the room. As you enter the dungeons, you will come across four bandits standing at the opposite side of the room.
You don't need to kill Rigel - you can also just sneak to her while she's asleep (if only it's night) and steal the Treasure Room Key. New main objective: Return to EndonIn order to return to the surface, you luckily don't have to go through all the traps again - just open the door behind the alter and cross the short tunnel.
Quete similaire a la quete, a la recherche de pierres de Barenziah, mais il n'est pas indique dans le journal. You will receive this mission after completing five additional quests in Markart (given by Vex or Delvin Mallory z The Ragged Flagon). Completing all the City Influence missions and finishing the main Thieves Guild storyline will let you become its Leader. If you decide to start at Falkret, be ready for a trap - the bandits will want to pull down rocks at you and rob your corpse.
The house might be guarded by a couple bandits, though it's not a rule - they're just wandering around the area.
Beside the door you will find a letter nailed to the door with a knife - from it you will learn of the traps awaiting you in the treasury.

The easiest way of eliminating them is of course using the bow - if you manage to surprise them, one arrow per each should do the job. With this item, head onwards and go through the door with a Master lock on it (without the key, you will have to sacrifice a few lockpicks). While you're at it, you can take a peek inside the large chest right beside the exit to find some useful items. During the conversation you will learn that his Silver Mold, needed to forge new items, has been stolen. A fight awaits you at Helgen as well - after the dragon has burnt the village at the beginning of the game, a couple bandits have inhabited it.
After clearing the room, go down - on the right you will find a chest with treasures and on the left a spiked pit (some dead Khajiits included).
After getting through it, be careful not to step onto the pressure plate as it activates a dangerous trap. A bit further you will come across a spiked ball falling right onto your head and another one after opening the treasury door. From now on Endon will be your fence, at whom you will be able to sell some stolen items from time to time. The precious item is now in hands of the bandits of Pinewatch - you should head there and recover it. If you entered the house during daytime, you will be able to speak with him and bribe him to show you the secret passage into the basement.

Plunder the corpses and head onwards, across the bridge to the further part of the underground. If you turn right, behind the locked door you will find some treasures, a chest secured by a trap and one of Stone of Berenziah (No Stone Unturned quest).
Follow the corridor and avoid another plate, therefore avoiding yet another unpleasant surprise (screen below). Don't step onto another one while approach the alter with some valuables and the Silver Mold (screen below). Le plus recent livre vous donnera une incroyable l'effet, vous pouvez appeler le plus grand monstre. If you don't like the idea of paying for such information, you can kill the man (he should be sleeping in his bed at night) or just ignore him, finding the button by the shelf (screen below) and entering the dungeons.
On your way you can visit the small room on the fight where you will find a couple potions.
Follow the left path and you will reach a sort of bandit inn - there's no chance of sneaking past them here, so just kill everyone and head onwards afterwards.
Try not to hit any of the bones (screen below) - if you make too much noise, the bandit leader Rigel Strong-Arm will wake up and fighting her isn't the easiest.

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