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Facilitates the use of Best Practices for efficient and prompt handling of all changes to your controlled IT infrastructure. Maintain the proper balance between the need for change and the potential detrimental impact of changes. Minimize the number and impact of unnecessary interruptions and outages to crucial services. A change request report can be used as a meeting agenda for discussion and decision making. Associate any Appropriate Asset Records (Configuration Items) which could be impacted or may be potentially at risk for service disruption by the specific change being requested.  (Requires the addition of the Novo Asset Manager Module). Associate other RFC’s (or other types of requests) to this request for easy access by reviewers or others involved in the workflow process. Assess and Minimize the Risk a change could have on the continuation of business services and functions.
Funnel Request for Changes (RFCs) to appropriate team members (such as the Change Advisory Board) through flexible multi-level work flows. Carry out the Change – Typically completed changes are flagged as “Implemented – Pending Review” which would then trigger a notification to the person responsible for Post Implementation Review. Analyze Change Requests with detailed custom-built reports using the Novo Custom Report Builder Wizard. Create Detailed Documentation based on post change assessments (requires the Novo Knowledge Base component of the software).
Admin Dashboard – fully customizable portal dashboard for at-a-glance viewing of lists and managing reports. User Roles Management – allows customizable user roles so you can define what your users can and cannot do.
Auto Email notifications: Email notifications are automatically sent to the appropriate person or group when tasks are completed or rejected.
Company-wide Work Flow Tasks – ability to involve admin users, end users and even external partners in managing Work Flow Tasks.
Empowers Change Managers with the ability to customize fields available in a request form to their specific needs. Provides the ability to add multiple fields and determine their position on the request form.
Request Templates – create customized Request Templates, allowing you to create simple to complex request entry forms.
Confirmation Receipt To Requester- an email is sent back to the initiator that submitted the change request to confirm its receipt. New Request  Submissions – Change Managers can be notified via email of new requests submitted by users. Priority Colors – Priorities are associated with a color making prioritization quick and easy. The Software Change Management solution allows development organizations to control, communicate and respond more effectively to rapidly changing business demands.
ZenTech Change Management solution helps addresses the dual challenges of effective change management like Activity & Asset Management and Geographically Distributed Development.
What does PRODSY made of: changes wall, change & impacts request form, Changes rss feed, Report system, Administration.
We in PRODSY believe that every new change come with impacts and risks on other teams in the organizaion, we also beleive that every impact come with risk cost and that middle-executive managers can predict what will be the estimate risk cost for their team.
When forced to hold meetings to make a change, time is being wasted, people forget what was said on the meeting and usually the only decision made, is to have another meeting.
This video-clip describes an example of how to use prodsy change management in your business.

We would love to talk with you about your organization needs, and of course about Prodsy change management and how it can help you after only 2 minutes of configuration. Change Management and dealing with changes is a key project management function for any industry. Change management and dealing of with scope or requirements change is an importance function of project managers.
Execution Model: Fixed Price project executions model demands requirements to be crystal clear. Cost Variance: Customer paying for changes or implementers bearing the cost impact affecting their bottom line. Customers who are mostly moving from a manual system to a digital systems (Example: Product Life Cycle Management ( or Product Data Management ) systems like MatrixOne from Dassault Systems or TeamCenter Engineering from Siemens or PDMLink from PTC) . These customers normally fail to understand that their entire process cannot be replicated in the new systems. Maybe you may have an Engineering Change Request ( ECR ) process coupled with Engineering Change Order process ( ECO ). Your existing change management process does not match to OOTB process so you may have to develop a separate module to overcome this process gap.
Convince them for some of the gaps where they need to fine tune their process in terms of efforts required for development and maintenance, performance, technical limitations. These set of customers are those who have already gone through one cycle of digital systems and know the benefits of new systems. Approach taken while defining requirements ( during Scope Planning section 5.1 and Scope Definition Section 5,2 of PMBOK ) to compare problems they have faced while moving from manual systems to digital systems. Some of them have the approach to follow the old system which the customer is already familiar with so do not want to explore the benefits of a new system or new product released version.
Few implementers want to make the customers unhappy so they follow what the customers suggest.
Implementers failed to realize that although they are doing exactly similar implementations for the organisation in other country they are dealing with a totally different set of users. Define and understand the (Customer and Implementer) Change Management framework when you define a project Charter (Section 4.1 of PMP BOK) or before you sign a contract with the customer.
These are the changes not suggested by the customer and may or may not need customer acceptance but they are required because of some new methodology or approach.
For example while estimating efforts we have not considered usage of tool like productivity improvement tools or technical tools for data migration or upgrade. These are the changes which a good project manager would normally track if there is an impact on effort or schedule.
Do Impact Analysis for potential change requests and communicate the results to the Change Management Control Board (CCB) and end customer. Define effective version control system (and Release Management) to track and control changes.
There will certainly be a few additional steps based on the nature of engagement and the type of customer.
He is BE (Mech), Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering and has extensive experience in the Automotive domain and IT. Category lists (and sub-lists) are fully definable and can be added to at any time.  This type of categorization allows for more detailed metrics which are useful when generating reports from the Novo Change Management software system. The Novo change management software system will capture the status change as it automatically adds notes to the change request throughout the life of the request.
Drag and drop components allow you to quickly and easily arrange and sort the dashboard to each administrator’s personal  preferences.
Queue (requires the optional Automatic Email Module below) – automatically route incoming emails to different change management departments or “queues” based on the email address it was sent to.

The problem is managing that change successfully in an ever-increasingly complex environment, especially when there's geographically distributed teams handling high volumes of digital assets and activity requests coming from multiple stakeholders.
Furthermore, these integrated configuration and change management capabilities can be easily expanded across all phases of the application development lifecycle, including IT project and portfolio management, requirements definition & management, analysis and design, and lifecycle quality management. You and your co-workers can quickly discuss changes, share possible impacts and do it all online without leaving your desk.
There might be enormous variance in efforts, cost, schedule, quality of deliverables if changes are not handled effectively.
However clear the requirements are, whatever the tool used for documenting requirements ( right from Rational tools to Word document ) and whatever the category of execution model ( Pure Waterfall to evolutionary prototype ) requirements are bound to change. So efforts taken on such projects to control scope are more compared to Time and Material or other models. If you are developing new inbuilt system for your own business transactions then you can fine tune the system as per your requirements.
If OOTB product is providing a separate ECR and ECO process, and it has some benefits, you should explore the option of revising your Change Management process framework. They expect to resolve all problems faced during their earlier implementation without understanding the real caused of these problems. In the ideal scenario change management should be part of your Statement of Work (SOW) or Master Service Agreement (MSA).
These tools might have reduced efforts on the project but they should be tracked to ensure proper control of the projects.
All Project Managers should have a definite strategy for handling changes before initiating any project.
Manoj is a PMP certified Project Manager with around 15 years of experience in Engineering and Project Management. The charts created within the report builder can then be displayed in the dashboard, empowering management to have complete control over the change management process.
This web page will guide you how to exercise PRODSY's Change potential for your organization. Thanks to the cloud environment, you dona€™t have to be at the office in order to work on a change.
Many projects are delayed and many other are closed (terminated) because project managers were not able to manage changes. The only difference to change is to what extent, and what is the impact on project success or failure. But if you are using some product for your business process mappings there are few critical decisions they have to take to define a solution. Such projects are a nightmare for project managers as requirements keep on changing slowly as they realize these issues at a later stage of execution. Few of them understand the importance of requirements and its documentation but feel that with the knowledge they have on past systems they can cut short the requirements phase to save efforts or cost.
It is though a herculean task to avoid changes in products or systems even if the scope is frozen before the start of the development phase.
Having said this successful execution of any project relies on how good and effective is your change management mechanism. Some examples are customers moving from in house system or legacy systems ( like Mainframe ) to some new system like PLM or ERP system ( like SAP or Oracle Manufacturing). Everyone can easily share impact and keep track on the change in real time and all in one place.

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