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Randy Crawford made even more noise on the urban contemporary and R&B front in 1981 with this album, one of her most successful ever from a chart and hit standpoint.
On Saturday, April 2nd, NRK1-TV will air Secret Garden’s Anniversary concert from Kilden Concert Hall in Kristiansand, Norway. Secret Garden’s career began with the Eurovision 1995 victory with the song 'Nocturne'.
We'll keep you informed here on the website as to the exact International release date and its availability!
As part of their 20th Anniversay Celebration, the band will travel to one of their favorite concert venues in Asia in early December to perform concerts on the 7th and 8th of that month in Seoul, Korea at the Sejong Culture Center.
If you're a Secret Garden fan living in Korea then this is a concert you won't want to miss! Against all odds, we managed to fulfill our dream of performing three anniversary concerts in Kilden Theatre in Kristiansand. Thanks to all in Kristiansand and the wonderful staff at Kilden who made us feel so welcome and who were so supportive throughout Fionnuala’s recovery.
The book is still in production and is due to be released in mid-October and will be made available for sale, first for pre-order to our dear friends on our mailing list and then to the general public.
Click "LIKE" if you think that you will be interested in the inside Secret Garden story!
Secret Garden will celebrating this 20th Anniversary with 3 magnificent concerts at Kilden Theater and Concert House on August 28 & 29th.
Secret Garden will be celebrating on-stage with the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra and guest artists Tracey Campbell, Espen Grjotheim, Cathrine Iversen and Ole Edvard Antonsen. Fionnuala was interviewed today by Ireland's RTE Radio - She speaks about Secret Garden's 20th Anniversary since winning the Eurovision Melodi Grand Prix, her accident and much more!
Espen Grjotheim and Cathrine Iversen were the featured vocalists delivering a terrific performance.
Fionnuala is making slow but steady progress back in Dublin, and will soon be taking her first strokes on the strings again.
On Monday, February 2nd, Fionnuala was on her way home with her dog, looking forward to beginning her rehearsal routine for Secret Garden's upcoming Spring tour; when she lost her balance and fell. During the 4 hour operation, the doctors repaired the fractures with all the metal plates, bolts and surgical hardware in their arsenal of special surgery techniques. Let's send Fionnuala our best wishes in this most difficult time - for a complete and total recovery! Our Universal Music colleagues were as fantastic as ever and lined up some interesting promotion for us, which we enjoyed very much.
A new beginning because of the new album 'Just The Two Of Us' and a celebration because it's our twentieth anniversary next year! We're bringing our full band and our two singers for the concerts and can't wait to see you out in the audience of these fine concert halls".
Finally, ot is with great joy that we've had the opportunity release our new CD in the US, Canada and Mexico! Sneak preview #2 - Here is a sneak preview of the making of an upcoming Secret Garden's TV-ad for the new album Just The Two Of Us in Norway. Mercy Ships is an international charity that currently operates the largest non-governmental hospital ship in the world, providing free health care, community development projects, community health and palliative care in over 70 developing countries.
Concert tickets are sold for NOK 1000 ALL of the money from ticket sales will go directly in support of Mercy Ships. Secret Garden announced today that they will be performing a concert at Lindesnes Lighthouse (Lindesnes fyr) on the southernmost tip of mainland Norway on Sunday, August 4th at 6:00 PM.

The lucky winner of the trip to BrookLodge in Ireland was Heidi Krabberød who attended the Secret Garden concert at Oslo Concert Hall November 20, 2012. Heidi chose to visit BrookLodge in springtime and boarded a flight to Dublin on a beautiful Friday morning in early May with her husband Bernt Kristian.
Secret Garden Artworks are delivered with a high quality frame: 60cm x 52cm - selected by the artist.
For special delivery and international shipping please contact us for special arrangements.
Secret Garden has enthusiastic fans all over the whole wide world, and many are such dedicated fans that they travel extremely long distances to hear us play.
Knowing that people like Wesley have made such an effort to come gives us all the more inspiration to musically deliver all we possibly can in our concerts.
The release is a tribute to the club and its legendary players like Brian Robson, David Beckham, Eric Cantona and Ole Gunnar Solskaer. This song has been locked and is considered "done." You need 600 IQ to add annotations to locked songs. The concert features the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra along with special guest artists such as Ole Edvard Antonsen, Tracey Campbell, Cathrine Iversen and Espen Grjotheim. The win was a springboard to an immense international career with tours throughout the world and release of 10 CDs. På konserten medvirker Kristiansand Symfoniorkester og gjesteartister som Ole Edvard Antonsen, Tracey Campbell, Cathrine Iversen og Espen Grjotheim.
Seieren var et springbrett til en stor internasjonal karriere med turneer i alle verdensdeler og utgivelse av 10 CDer.
After Fionnuala’s accident in February, resulting in two broken arms, it did not seem possible that they would heal in time to perform this year. As it was such a special occasion, celebrating 20 years of working together, we also filmed the concerts. The book tells their story from the inside - the triumphs as well as the trials and tribulations they've endured on this amazing 20 year journey! The concert had originally been scheduled for May but was moved to August due to injuries Fionnuala sustained after falling this winter (2 broken arms!). It was also a special event as it was the very first time we've ever performed without Fionnuala. We're really looking forward to the Anniversary concerts in Kilden in Kristiansand August 27th and 28th! Once such person was a young girl who told us that she’d been to our 2004 concert in the Esplanade as a ten year old. Hopefully it is the start of a new relationship in Malaysia and we are hoping to be back some day soon!
The renowned record company Deutsche Grammophon will be releasing us on their Panorama label. Upon landing in Dublin, Heidi and Bernt Kristian were greeted by Fionnuala where they shared a very pleasant time together before being spirited away to BrookLodge and Macreddin Village (only an hour away from Dublin) - by BrookLodge's driver! The melody is still her favorite of all the Secret Gardens melodies - and she knows them all! They went for long walks in the beautiful countryside, ate fantastic gourmet organic meals and basically just relaxed.
For this last Norway tour we had fans flying in from Mexico City, from UK, from Italy, from Poland and from Finland.
We cannot express in words how moved we are by all of you who gave it your all to attend our shows.

Today, Secret Garden remains the highest selling recording artists for the last 20 years in Norway with 5 million albums sold. I dag er Secret Garden Norges mestselgende plateartist de 20 siste årene med 5 millioner solgte album. The book recounts the story of Secret Garden - from their historic Melody Grand Prix victory in 1995 up until today.
There are so many unknown behind-the-scenes stories that now will finally see the light of day including commentaries from many participants in the Secret Garden story including Barbra Streisand.
We'll keep you informed here as details about the book unfold from now up to the book release date. Her accident last month breaking her two arms prevents her from performing the violin at this point in time, but as we had already agreed to perform even before the accident at this most deserving event, we decided to go ahead and perform 'You Raise Me Up' – this time without Fionnuala's violin. However, Fionnuala must now live with a high level of pain in the foreseeable future and then climb a steep mountain of rehab and physical therapy so that she can return to the stage in time for Secret Garden's scheduled spring tour (tour list not yet published).
She had been waiting for ten years to see us again – now 17 - she was in tears meeting us once again, as we were by time we had said goodbye to her! So it feels natural and good to perform some of our music in the most intimate and stripped-down version - that musical place where Secret Garden was born. We'll be performing concerts in Seoul (August 28th), Ulsan (August 29th)and Ga-Pyung (August 31st). But there is one Secret Garden fan that takes the cake for the longest & furthest travel - and thus wins the title of "Fan of The Year!
The book also includes chapters written by Barbra Streisand, Roger Hodgson (Supertramp) and a host of other industry personalities.
More details on those to follow but we’re very excited to finally have our first live CD! We missed her dearly, but it was also an honour to have Mick O'Brien on Uilleann Pipes and whistle back with us for the first time since 2005. She's been through a similar journey before when in 1996 she broke her left shoulder (with similar "amor" implanted) and rose up to play for us again! We heard many other truly touching stories from the audience - some who said they listen to our music every day! On Amazon, it is #2 on the New Age CD chart and on their New Age MP3 Downloads chart, it is #4!
So, to all our fans in Korea and to all who may be "in the neighborhood" - we look forward to seeing you and we promise you a concert that you'll never forget! When Heidi heard Secret Garden in Oslo Concert Hall at the November 20th concert, it had been 5 years since she had last experienced them live and she was not disappointed - saying, "the concert was amazing"! After scans of the damage, doctors found that she had seriously broken several bones in her right wrist (bowing arm) and her left elbow was severely broken as well. The album was prepared during the spring of 2013 and recorded soon after the summer here in Norway. The book contains over 1,000 photos - from the artists' private photo album, most of which have never been published. Within only a few hours of entering the emergency room, she was operated on by surgeons who were acutely aware that they were dealing with a professional violinist. We decided to build this album mostly on previously recorded pieces – the new element is the duo arrangements.

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