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The blue hedgehog stars in his best 3D game yet, but the overall experience is still flawed.
Along with icons like Mario or, if you're a TurboGrafx-16 fan, Bonk, Sonic the Hedgehog is remembered even today as one of the greatest 2D platformer franchises of all time. Sonic and the Secret Rings introduces several completely new game mechanics to the Sonic Universe. Skills are the basis of Sonic and the Secret rings - without them, the only thing Sonic will be doing fast is going no where.
By playing through missions, you'll begin to unlock more and more skills that can be added to your "Skill Ring." These skills can provide numerous benefits, such as letting Sonic run fast, jump further, or brake quicker. But here's the kicker: you're restricted in how many skills can be equipped at any given time. To help promote using different skill sets, the game provides four "Skill Rings" that you can equip skills too. Thankfully, you can increase the amount of skill points Sonic has available by gaining levels, as we'll show below.
Flick it forward to home in on an enemy and destroy it, which will also give you a bounce into the air. Rich Ring - These silver looking rings are worth 20 gold rings, so they're well worth seeking out. Players will control Sonic with the Wii Remote by holding the controller sideways with both hands, much like an NES controller, and will be able to use the controller in unique ways that will take advantage of the Wii Remote's control mechanisms.
Sonic and the Secret Rings will feature eight stages in the main game, but only six of them are officially known to the public at this time. This level is set in the Arabian Nights theme from which the game's setting is designed from. Set in the Dinosaur era in the past, this level features new pathways such as prehistoric jungles and running across the backs of certain dinosaurs.
Obstacles found throughout Dinosaur Jungle include various cacti, green enemies that simply float, the red enemies that spew fire, as well as the dinosaurs themselves; if Sonic is attacked by any of these threats, he will lose a maximum of 20 rings. Beat the Clock: This mission requires players to complete stages within a specified time limit (essentially, a time-trial). Chain Challenges This mission requires players to hold onto their rings without getting attacked by an enemy or hitting an obstacle. No Pearl: This mission requires players to avoid charging their soul meters, the meter that enables Sonic to use his special abilities.
Specific: 5 seperate stage-specfic challenges that are dependent upon which level you play on.
Interestingly, 6 of the 12 challenges for each stage must be cleared before players can progress to the next stage. In addition, through information collected from trailers for the game, it has been confirmed that time totals, ring totals, and scores will be tabulated throughout the course of the game. I actually reserved this game today, after watching the IGN videos and hearing such positive things about it.
However, the transition to the third dimension has not been kind to SEGA's mascot extraordinaire.
Tilt the controller left or right to move Sonic in that direction, and tilt the controller backwards (towards you) to move Sonic backwards.
You see, each skill uses up a certain amount of "Skill Points," of which Sonic only has a set amount, so skills must be carefully selected to ensure you're gaining the benefits you need for any particular mission.
They all have the same amount of Skill Points and allow you you to mix and match skills as you see fit. Once you collect enough experience points, Sonic will gain a level, which increases the amount of Skill Points Sonic has available. For maximum distance, launch yourself when the ring shrinks to its smallest point -this is essential for some levels.
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Un malvado genio ha desencadenado la locura en el magico mundo de los cuentos de Las mil y una noches, atrapando los todopoderosos anillos secretos.
It was first known as Hyper Sonic during a showreel of upcoming Wii games at the Nintendo Press Event at E3 2006 (possibly the name for the beta version of the game) [citation needed], then turned up as Sonic Wild Fire during the same event in all of the following trailers, and then changed to Sonic and the Secret of the Rings before being slightly modified into Sonic and the Secret Rings in August. Not much is known, but obstacles will include a section where Sonic rides a rocket high above the water.

Very little is known about this level except a possible boss mentioned by the March 2007 issue of Nintendo Power, which described it as a metallic creature of some sort, arising out of a pool of molten metal. Players will confront a fork in a road and will be required to choose one of three paths, all of which lead to different areas to explore. Pitch Black!- Players use torches to light up panels in the dark and determine which one is different from the others.
Skydiving!- Players race in the air, dodging thunderclouds and other obstacles along the way to the goal. Edge Race!- Players control their very own Omochao and must guide it through a maze of pitfalls and obstacles to the goal. Treasure Haul- Players must sneak up on the asleep genie and carry gold away to their designated area without waking him.
Violin- Players play their violins in tune with the genie as closely as possible for maximum points. Hatchet- Players chop as much firewood as possible without hitting any Omochao that may appear. Safe Dial- Players try to decode a secret code to open a room full of treasure, much like Sonic the Theif from Sonic Shuffle. Kri Ma Djinn- Players must eliminate all the Kri Ma Djinn lurking in the dark using mirrors. Parasol Diving- Players must use parasols as they descend from the sky with goals of collecting airborne coins.
Cogwheel Relay- Players must spin gears and cogs to eliminate as many Kri Ma Djinn as possible.
Giant Stakes- Players must use hammers to knock down as many posts as possible before their rivals. Big Balloon- Players cautiously blow up a giant balloon without making it pop, similar to Bowser's Big Blast from Mario Party 2.
Canoe Salvage- Players swim in a lake, trying to collect medals whilst avoiding hungry crocodiles.
Balance Battle- Players balance on giant balls to avoid falling off a platform, similar to Bumper Balls from Mario Party. Home Run- Players play a round of baseball with goals of striking homeruns, similar to that of Baseball from Wii Sports.
Kri Ma Djinn- Players must catch Kri Ma Djinn falling from the sky using an extendable net. Putting Golf- Players play a round of golf on a special golf course, similar to that of Golf from Wii Sports'. Some of these unlockables include new characters for party games, movies of the making of the game, cutscenes, video interviews, concept art, music from the game, and even new, secret modes.
The speedy blue one jumped into 3D almost a decade ago on Dreamcast with sloppy level design and an even clunkier camera system and, despite several sequels and spin-offs, the Sonic games have not changed since. For example, if a mission is a timed race on a flat course, but you equip skills related to jumping, that's not an effective use of skill points.
For example, you can dedicate one ring to running while another can be assigned to jumping. Sonic's movement will also be controlled by tilting the controller left or right, much like a steering wheel.
It has also been revealed through trailers that, not dissimilar to the next-gen title, Sonic the Hedgehog, players will also have to locate hidden medals scattered throughout each of the stages. Dazzled by 3D so many years ago, critics and gamers were more forgiving of these issues - hell, we even went easy on the GameCube iterations, which had their share of problems. Well, very soon, you will be able to decide whether it truly deserves the praise it has garnered. Pulling the controller towards you allows you to make Sonic walk backwards, combining this with turning allows Sonic to rotate 360 degrees. But in today's market of polished 3D experiences, there is just no excuse for anything that falls short.
Case in point, recently released Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 hedgehog games boasted next-generation graphics, but were regardless ruined by the same design and technical shortcomings that have cemented Sonic firmly in mediocrity for years - and they received incredibly low ratings to prove it. If the player holds down this button, Sonic will slow down (and will even stop if it's held for a long time) to charge up a jump, and upon being released, he will execute a high jump through the air.
The purpose of these carpets is currently unknown but they are most likely to add replay value to the game.

Now, the hedgehog has made his way to Nintendo's new Wii console in Sonic and the Secret Rings.
The fresh play, which capitalizes on the fundamentals of the Wii remote, is sometimes a success, which makes this the very best 3D Sonic ever created, in our opinion.
Only by executing the sequence with proper timing will you be able to perform combo attacks, and hit other enemies or objects up ahead. But with that noted, the mascot still has a very long way to go before he can once again take his place next to competitors like Mario. The pages from the story are being erased by a villain known as Erazor Djinn and Sonic must literally travel into the book in order restore the tale. The theme, which seems inspired by everything from Sinbad and Aladdin to The Neverending Story, marks a fresh departure from the franchise norm.
Although classic allies like Knuckles and enemies like Eggman are still featured in the storyline, they are at least initially playing the parts of different characters. The title features an impressive opening cinematic, which comes to life through CG animation.
Unfortunately, the story sequences that follow are all designed to look like pages out of a book, which is far less aesthetically appealing.
Still, Sonic fans looking for a tale will find one in Secret Rings that is deeper than average, and to be fair the mission-based cinematics, while not grandiose, are plentiful.
Gamers turn the Wii remote on its side and steer the hedgehog through a series of missions that span seven diverse worlds. After all, the original Sonic titles - those classic 2D endeavors - felt almost the same way.
Furthermore, because Secret Rings unfolds largely on a set path - Sonic is always running forward and players tilt the controller left or right to veer into the respective directions - most of the frustrating, game-ruining glitches and oversights that have interfered with the enjoyment of other hedgehog games is absent.
Some will call it a limitation, but for the lightning-paced Sonic series, this imposed linearity becomes a necessity to the enjoyment of the experience. Players expecting to blaze through the first level at breakneck speeds will be disappointed because the hedgehog is only later able to accomplish those spectacular feats.
The game employs a surprisingly comprehensive character-building element that compels players to keep at it so that they can unlock new skills, apply them to Sonic and make him quicker, stronger and all around better. Quite the contrary, the RPG mechanic creates a harmony between the various levels, sub-missions and Sonic himself, who gradually becomes more capable as more stages are completed and more points unlocked. For example, the Mini-Turbo, which costs three skill points, gives the hedgehog a boost at the beginning of levels if gamers shake the Wii remote forward during the countdown from three. Aegis Slider, meanwhile, costs 10 skill points, but increases Sonic's defensive power when he's sliding. For starters, each of the areas has a drastically different look and style, which helps break up any monotony that may have sprung up. The deserts in Sand Oasis will never be confused with the lush tropical locales in Dinosaur Jungle and neither will the beautiful rainy Pirate Ship be mistaken for the impressive floating runways of the Levitated Ruin.
Furthermore, each world locale is divided into a series of sub-missions, some more challenging and rewarding than others. After defeating the main stage, which is always comprised of a race to the finish, gamers will take part in subs ranging from collecting 99 rings, defeating 10 enemies, smashing certain objects, or even going head-to-head against character Uhl in test to see who can reach the goal first.
The latter objective is usually a hair-pulling, frustrating-to-the-max undertaking because Uhl will sometimes win by a hair - and for all the wrong reasons, as we'll get to below.
The title is easily most enjoyable when Sonic is speeding along at a good clip and players can clearly see any environmental obstacles and enemies in their immediate path. It's during these moments that Secret Rings truly feels like a 2D Sonic game in 3D and players who can appreciate that will certainly find a lot to love about this Wii project. On top of that, some of the new Wii controls deliver a greater sense of satisfaction when performed. For example, when Sonic is soaring through the air and players shake the remote to send him hurling at a targeted enemy, it feels great - much better than pressing any button.

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