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Mac OS Guarda la imagen y utilizar el panel de control para establecer la imagen como fondo de escritorio.
Remember, all kids are unique and my require a different size puzzle based on their abilities. If you get enough Silver Medals, you unlock different Crests that make Sonic stronger in a element.

Nice, bright, bold, I like the hot, firey colour scheme there, nice composition on the front, my only complaint there is that the title is a bit messy around the edges and especially bad in between the letters. With the Tokyo Game Show in full swing, we're sure there will be plenty of posts like these to follow. Includes Wrecks Factor 2013, a visit from Blake and Ram, the surprise return of Chaotix X and a world first exclusive track from Bentley Jones in the J-Pop selector.

And this latest trailer for Sonic and the Secret Rings is no exception.Continue into the post to see the embedded video.

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