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The study, published by the Cochrane Collaboration, looked at 30 clinical trials of music therapy, both those led by trained music therapists and ones where patients listened to recorded music on their own.
That said, the researchers are quick to point out the limitation of the study and its implications for music. Music may also improve heart rate, breathing and blood pressure in cancer patients, the review says. Music may be a simple and relatively easy way to bring a little more comfort and joy to a loved one. You can listen to soothing and relaxing music while having a warm bath with candle lighting to make you feel relaxed after a difficult day. If you are studying for the final exam, it is an effective way to listen to music especially if you are having difficulty concentrating. You can sleep well when you are having problems in sleeping at night by listening to music.
It has been proven based on research that listening to soothing music, can help speed up the recovery from illnesses and particular injury. It has also shown by many studies that people who have hypertension have improved in their condition. A A  a€?Ita€™s such an inspiration, timeless and what can be better than knowing you Scriptures!
A A  a€?The Scripture Songs are a blessing to me and I try to listen to the Word sung every day for my edification. A  a€?This music is really a blessing for me because of the very fine and peaceful way of interpreting the scriptures.
A young Indian guy listening to peaceful soothing music on his headphones, on white studio background. Indeed, many relaxing environments employ soothing new age music, familiar classical pieces, or somewhat corny smooth jazz tunes. But a respected medical journal now says that listening music can indeed help relieve the suffering caused by cancer and cancer treatments.

Both methods were found to reduce anxiety and pain, and to improve mood and quality of life for cancer patients. It’s important to keep in mind that research can only point to a set of findings within a given and defined variables.
But the effects were slight, and the potential bias in the trials was high, so don’t presume that Kanye or The Rolling Stones are a panacea.
If you are one of those stressed professionals, you can take advantage from listening to soothing music for you to feel relaxed.
Some things are almost impossible to describe in words but somehow the Lord causes us to understand what we need to and He did just that through the music.
We had bought Scripture Songs I, and as a surprise my brother an I bought SS IV for the family. The breaking up of the fallow ground, the careful cleansing of the soil, and the planting of the life giving seed is the labor of the master sower. We have Scripture Songs I-V and we still enjoy listening to them after 6 years of having them. The language of the scripture text is talking the same way as the a€?languagea€™ in the music itself. It is easy to generalize findings based on a soundbyte from the media or a scientific paper. There also weren’t enough trials, or enough patients, to tell if having a trained music therapist was better than just listening to music.
What’s ironic is that many cultures have been using these applications for years without the scientific background. Music will help you study and concentrate more aside from the fact that it can help you feel relaxed. The music features all Bible passages with female lead vocals, classical guitar, grand piano, 12-string guitar and light orchestration.A  Very relaxing and soothing music for the soul. Something I can enjoy while at the same time having the accuracy and saving grace of Goda€™s Word.

This precious seed buried in the field of the heart is meant to produce a rich harvest of faith, love, and kindness.
We sing these Scripture Songs a lot, and count it a privilege to be able to memorize so many Scriptures. I think for people in today’s world it helps to have the credibility of this type of research. Most christian music is either inappropriate, or boring, but the Scripture Songs cds draw me to Jesus and keep me there. I hope and pray that more heavenly music will be imparted to Goda€™s people as the final events transpire. If you listen to relaxing music, your mind is working by releasing endorphins to your blood stream. I work at a very worldly job and find myself singing the songs of Scripture you have set to music throughout the day. There is nothing more powerful than the good seed sown in the heart, and it is to this end that our lifework should aim.
I know God had that song made for all His people but it has been a tremendous comfort to me as I am going through some tough times.
When you listen to music and you can use a stethoscope, you would hear how your heart increases and decreases due to the beating of the music. If you will listen to soothing music, the heart beat of will decrease which is why you will be relaxed.

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