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The term "soulmate" has different meanings, other than the usual though of romantic relationship. Time is an illusion - but as we consciously experiment physical time as linear, summates seems to connect from past, present, and future experiences our souls are having.
Souls often come together to work out issues or play reverse roles than that which they are experiencing elsewhere.
Anyone who is in your biological family, or adopted family, or pseudo-family, is a soul mate to you. Sometimes the karma in family is between mother and child, so the child remains exclusively with the mother. As the soul seeks unity with self, the journey home, (twin flame connection), it tends to think of a soul mate as The One (which is actually the source of creation) who is there for us and to make us feel complete.

Did you know that you often attract people into your life who look as you do in parallel or past lives? Men often seek the goddess when searching for a mate, one who looks like the priestess, slim body, long flowing hair purity of soul, beauty and gentleness of creation that speaks to their soul of union with the female creational force.
Soulmates can bring out the best and worst in each other, depending on their issues, and often no matter how hard someone tries to hold on and help, the lesson is to let go.
Soul mates can have various types of relationships, which do not always include romantic love. They can be close friends, co-workers, a teacher, anyone who influences your life one way or another. Sometimes it is with both parents or with a sibling who has entered the game before or after you.

They play the emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental, games of third dimension with you. It’s the purity of your love that makes my mornings so bright and my evenings immensely enchanted.
If some day I have to leave you and go I will be born for you again because I can never have enough of you in one life.

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