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The Goal of the Practice of Surat Shabd Yoga (Inner Sound Meditation): "Upon merging the mind with the Sound, there remains only the consciousness, free of the association with the mind.
Let us take you on a Journey into your internal landscapes with our Shamanic Beats and then back out of your body to the celestial realms as we raise the frequencies of the Sound.
The Journey involves a passage through the elements of Fire, Earth, Wind and Water, Sacred Sites, Sacred Geometry, Ancestral Passageways, layers of light in the 7 Dimensions, Angels Realms, and the laws of Reality. It is a poetic Journey of Wildness, Beauty, Inner Truth, Alchemy, and the Strength to Transform.
At one time or another, we've all had a night where we just can't seem to relax and fall asleep. Well they need apps like this to calm the people down waiting for the rest of the apps to get to WP.
Sound Meditation is one of the many health and fitness apps in the Windows Phone Store designed generate relaxing sounds.
Compared to other sound generators, Sound Meditation stands out a little with the ability to create sound compilations that meet your likes or moods.
It may not be the most glamorous health and fitness app but Sound Meditation isn't a bad option to consider if you need a little help relaxing while pursuing your MobileFit goals. Sound Meditation's layout is straightforward with main pages that include a Compilations Page, a Help Page, an About Page and a Rate & More Page.
The Compilations Page lists eleven pre-set sound compilations that include jungle sounds, ocean sounds, weather sounds, and more. The page view for each compilation will display each sound type included, a mute button and sleep timer.

If you don't like the wallpaper image, you can change that as well with one of twenty-two picturesque scenes. Sounds with Sound Meditation are grouped in two categories, endless loops and one-time sounds. If my count is correct, Sound Meditation includes 25 endless loop sounds and 14 one-time sounds that can be combined, mixed and matched to create a nice collection of sound compilations. Sound Meditation is a simple, straightforward health and fitness app for Windows Phone that does a nice job of letting you create calming sound collections that should help you relax. There's really nothing to complain about with Sound Meditation other than the possibility of condensing the main pages down a tad. Sound Meditation has a nice collection of sounds to build compilations from and you have a good bit of control over how these sounds play into the compilation (volume controls, interval controls, etc.). Please don't arrive early as you will not be able to get into the room and will be waiting outside (in the cold). Be it from the hectic day behind us or because we are eagerly calculating the pile of tasks that need to be done on the day after, the mind restlessly shuffles many a thought and denies us hours of a good night's sleep.Enter Relaxation and Meditation music - specifically composed and designed to help those looking to soothe the mind - be it to get some sleep or to meditate easier in the middle of the day - this type of media quickly gained traction in it's niche and of course, it soon received it's own dedicated YouTube channels and mobile apps. The app has over thirty five sounds that can be mixed to create a sound compilation that will help you relax. Personally, I think you could have condenses the latter three pages into one to give the app a slightly cleaner look.
You can create additional compilations by tapping the '+' button that sits towards the top of the page. You can adjust the volume and balance of each sound as well as deleting it or adding additional sounds from the sound library.

It may not be the most eye appealing options but if you like mixing your own relaxation sounds, Sound Meditation is worth trying. Come un bicchiere pieno di acqua vibra nelle vicinanze di una fonte sonora, cosi il corpo umano, che per la gran parte e costituito di liquidi, comincia a vibrare coinvolgendo ogni singola cellula. The first is "endless loops" - long-running sounds, whose purpose is to form the backbone of your track by - you guessed it - looping endlessly.
Such sound bites include crickets, frogs, creeks, rain, waves, wind chimes and a spaceship. Il suono, con la sua frequenza vibratoria, agisce allora come l’acqua di un fiume che penetra e scava nella roccia rimuovendo gli ostacoli che ne impediscono il naturale flusso verso il mare, sciogliendo cosi tensioni e blocchi  per ristabilire il naturale fluire dell’energia Qi.Attraverso la meditazione con il suono del Gong la mente si alleggerisce, quasi svanisce, si libera dal flusso dei pensieri e diventa limpida, pulita, calma e tranquilla.
The second category is for "one-time sounds", which are meant to add some variety to the track by going off at random intervals. Of course, if one so desires, they can start a brand new one from scratch and create their own relaxation track.
Riuscire ad andare verso una progressiva semplicita e un concetto taoista e una delle cose piu difficili da raggiungere, la semplicita come conquista, la semplicita di chi sa tornare sempre all’essenziale. Il vero ritorno a "casa", anche mettendo da parte per un momento tutto cio che ha studiato, realizzato, conquistato. T his app is simple and easy to use for meditation enthusiasts and relaxation seekers who would like to have the ability to custom-tailor their background music to fit.

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