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A spiritual awakening is an ongoing process whereby a person becomes aware of their connection to the infinite, and becomes mindful of their spiritual nature. When someone experiences a spiritual awakening, they become aware of their spiritual nature, and begin to understand that they are indeed connected, and eternal, beings.   As a result, they will often experience some specific symptoms of a spiritual awakening.
Please note that not all people who experience a spiritual awakening will experience each of the following signs and symptoms, but they probably will experience at least a handful of them.  We each experience our spiritual awakenings differently as we each have different sensitivities. One of the main things we begin to question in our spiritual awakening is who we really are. The biggest realization in a spiritual awakening involves remembering that we have always had a connection to our creator but it has been veiled from us by a group of beings that wanted to control us. The understanding that you are a fractal of an omnipotent Creator being changes everything because accepting who you are reflects the love of your Creator.
Once we realize that we are spirits living in a physical body, we suddenly see that we live in a world where everything is backwards and upside down. We begin to be able to read the secret code around us in symbols and language that is embedded with trickery and magic spells that do not have our best interests in mind.
Things begin to unfold in our life seamlessly and we may experience precognition and deja vumore often.
As the spiritual awakening progresses, the creative energy we are made of vibrates at a faster rate. Due to the Universal Law of Vibrational Attainment, our vibrational level will naturally attract those of the same level to us like magnets.
Spring cleaning comes any time of the year when we understand the energy attached to excess clutter and material things that weigh us down. If a person has gone through the transition of moving, the feeling of lessening the load is liberating and palpable. One of the biggest accomplishments in a spiritual awakening is peeling back the layers of protection around our heart. The ability to attract the right partner or soul mate begins with doing the work of loving yourself for who you are.
By realizing that we accomplished a spiritual awakening in this lifetime, we move from survival and fear to forgiveness and love. Teaching, sharing, loving, and healing become our new goals and we long for everyone to wake up and smell the roses.
Following the clues and confirmations along the path will lead to the highest calling of love and happiness. The ultimate realization of the big picture is that humanity has been enslaved by a small group of beings that have kept us locked in a low vibration. Becoming spiritually awakened goes hand in hand with increasing your consciousness and bringing more of your soul essence into this lifetime. Your spiritual path led you to In5D, the largest Esoteric, Metaphysical and Spiritual database on the net!

However, one day a grand opportunity for awakening occurs that will change the past, present, and the future. Through various teachings and information available in books and on the internet, we get clues to how to go within. Then we realize that there is not only a connection to our creator Source, but we then gain an understanding of what it means to be a holographic spark of that Source. It mirrors back unconditional love and allows both you as an individual and the Creator as an infinite being the understanding of identity. The life purpose is different for each individual however, we begin to search for soul groups that have similar likes as we do.
We begin to right things and withdraw our energy from the system that has been created to enslave and control us.
We learn how to offset this black magic with white magic and begin to think for ourselves with clarity and purpose. They may come through a repeated catch phrase or word that you see several times a day or even throughout an extended period of time. Eventually we learn that our reality is a malleable matrix comparable to a television program; if we do not like what we see we learn to it change it by changing the frequency or channel. This particle acceleration changes how we affect others and may even make people uncomfortable that have yet to begin this process.
Awakening and advancement is a choice that not everyone will make, but those that do begin close knit relationships based on trust. Since the percentage of people on the planet who have awakened at this time is less that 51%, we may find ourselves suddenly moving for a new job or perhaps we follow a dream that we have always had to live in a certain location where our soul mates have the opportunity to appear in our lives.
The ancient practice of Feng Shui takes into consideration that positive energy flow in a room or a house can bring harmony to those who occupy it.
We begin to realize that material possession brainwashing was created to weigh us down and keep us vibrating at a slower, dense speed.
For most people this lifetime has been full of heartbreaks, whether it is from a relationship gone bad, a best friend betrayal, or even a child leaving home for college.
A chain reaction of events will occur that will bring up stuck energy that can be cleared in order to prepare yourself for a healthy, loving relationship. We are all in a symbiotic relationship of loving each other at a soul level, and when it becomes a conscious awareness practice it is magnified beyond expression. When we release the fear of survival and dying, it creates a space within us to create our future while changing our past. Changing the world occurs one person at a time and starts with responsibility of awareness and intention on an individual level.
Those that become aware of this naturally gain the tools to free themselves of this prison. All war, competition, and domination falls away and the answers to all of questions become available on an individual level.

When the choice is made to advance beyond the old beliefs and patterns, triggers and clues emerge that are telltale signs of a spiritual awakening. By going within we realize that we are an infinite being having a physical experience in a human body. We find that some people are forced away from us because their defense mechanisms kick in and their ego creates an excuse for them to not want to be around us anymore. Positive occurrences include the birth of a child or finding a healthyrelationship that allows growth together as you share the spiritual awakening path. The affect you have on someone else’svibration may not seem positive in the beginning because a person’s reality may begin to fizzle apart just like it did for you.
The increase in the number of spiritually awakened people has made an impact on the planet and will continue until we have freed ourselves and collectively choose a new reality.
Ultimately these groups are the same thing packaged differently and are great tools to connect with like minded individuals. Many times the answer has been in your life all along but your energy was not directed toward it. If you had already found your soul matebefore your spiritual awakening, than you find yourself in a really good position to have someone who will support you while you do your inner work. One day soon everyone who awakens will look back and realize that the domino effect of the vibration of love is what changed the world. Doing what makes you feel happy without harming another person is a big clue toward your life purpose.
Michelle also supports Gregg’s endeavors in many other areas including alternative and holistic healthcare. You realize that you would be much happier living in a tent than to be rich, living in a mansion and stressed out 7 days a week.
Their next project is a walk in clinic under the name AHH- Alternative Holistic Healthcare to be launched in the Sarasota, Florida area, and then subsidiaries will be opened around the world based upon that model. You appreciate all of the simple things in life, such as when an animal crosses your path and you ponder on the animal symbolism and its significance. You marvel at the majesty of trees and think of their relation to alchemy with their limbs reaching toward the sky while their roots are firmly planted in the ground.
His love and faith for humanity motivates him to work relentlessly in humanity’s best interests 12-15+ hours a day, 365 days a year.

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