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The three had been friends since adolescence, and now years later in retirement they were about to set out on another grand adventure.
They shared many harrowing sailing adventures spanning from the Great lakes (Erie), New York, Florida Keys, California islands, Hawaii, Borneo, Cape Town, Perth Australia, and even ventured up the Amazon River.
One day on Lake Erie they set out in 12-foot waves to save the crew of a capsized catamaran. Just as a person who does not leap into a great flood is not afraid of being drowned, or one who follows the prescribed diet does not feel concerned about being ill, so he who has no egotistic feeling while performing actions or not performing them, has no fear of worldly existence. When a man finds fearless support in That which is invisible, formless, indefinable and support less, he has then attained fearlessness. We can experience fear as an external threat, like facing an oncoming storm, or as an internal threat, like the sense of personal inadequacy, tomorrows anticipated job interview, or an upcoming surgery. Causes of fear may include loss of possessions, a loved one, divorce, failure, slander, and an almost infinite host of other issues. In the human nervous system its counterpart is stress and strain, caused by undue pressure of experience.
Nelson Mandela, “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.
As we grow and expand our awareness loving bonds with other people are naturally developed.
Develop a resolute intellect, rise above the sense of attachment, become balanced in success and failure, and strive to know the unthinkable, unchangeable, self sufficient everlasting value of life.
There have already been several rounds of super continents breaking apart, only to recombining again. The Siberian basalt plateaus were formed by volcanic activity during the Permian Period, about 250 million years ago.
The Caribbean Plate sea floor is a huge; 2 million square kilometer undersea plateau formed when a portion of the Pacific Plate passed over the actual Galapagos hot spot, some 100 Million years ago, thus separating North and South America from its former positions. The Cretaceous Tertiary extinction event, 65 million years ago, wiped out about 50% of all known species.  This may have been due to the impact of a large meteorite in the Caribbean Sea.
Through Avidya (ignorance) you cross beyond mortality, beyond death, beyond change; through Vidya (knowledge) you taste immortality. There are many forms of meditation, and the choice off which one to practice is often dependent upon many personal factors.  What led you to your particular practice? Brain waves recorded during these “mindfulness” type practices give rise to frontal theta (4-8 Hz) frequencies.  These EEG patterns are commonly seen during memory tasks or reflection on mental concepts. Mindfulness and non-judgmental practices develop greater personal stability, and even-mindedness in daily life.  Some studies point to a reduction in negative thoughts, and better pain management. Brain waves recorded for this category’s practice is frontal alpha coherence associated with a distinct state of relaxed, inner wakefulness.
Studies show that the deep rest settles the sympathetic nervous system and restores physiological balance.  Lower high blood pressure, less chronic anxiety, and reducing stress hormones such as cortisol have been observed. Our subjective nature (level of consciousness) passes beyond the reach of change when Enlightenment dawns.  Our objective nature (body) remains under the influence of change (we age) so long as our current human condition exits. Positive thinking can serve as a wonderful adjunct to our meditation practice.  This often helps to culture and sensitize the human heart. There is an actual “gap” between the finest value of the relative and the absolute.  The mind reaches this finest value, jumps the gap, and is then left behind as we (self to Self) transcend to the absolute. But even so Badrinath wished that he had the ability to turn back the clock so that he could try harder to convince the foreman about the folly of his way.

There are many times in life when events turn out not as we expect, and we wish that we could do it all over again (this time differently). But I would like to point out that physicists have discovered that events in the past still seem to be under the influence of the observer in the present.
We used to think in terms of the Euclidian plane (2 dimensions), or Euclidian geometry (3 dimensions) when discussing space. As reported by French scientist Vincent Jacques in Science Magazine, the Wheeler Delayed Choice experiment showed that the behavior of a photon passing through a device (interferometer) depends upon what we choose to observe and measure.
Wheeler has said, “as no signal traveling at a velocity less than that of light can connect these two events, we have a strange inversion of the normal order of time.
We have learned in a prior post on Quantum Mechanics how an event is best described as a probability, until it is actually observed. In 1948 physicist Richard Feynman developed a new way of looking at interactions between elementary particles. In the above Feynman diagram an electron and positron are annihilated; a virtual photon is created which then transforms into a quark – antiquark pair.
What’s interesting about the depiction of elementary particles on the diagram is that if we choose to read it from right to left (backward in time) many of the reactions would still hold true (as long as we added the necessary energy to complete it).
But that brings up the hypothetical proposition, and you need to stretch your imagination here; that the universe consists of a single atom, traveling backward and forward through time all at once, in the eternal present.
From a human standpoint we can correct (lessen the impact) mistakes of the past thereby changing their influence on us. We have an uncanny penchant for worrying about the past, and letting it continue to influence our future. The past and future come to a standstill during meditation when we experience the timeless transcendent. Enjoy this rich gallery of easy to read meditation quotes superimposed on beautiful images to deepen your spiritual practice. If you enjoy this gallery, you can also pick up a free picture quote ebook when you sign up for our daily meditation quotes email. Meditation quotes are a very effective and proven aid to support your contemplative practice.
These artistic meditation quotes are original creations from our team here at About Meditation, and we designed them to help spread and transmit the beauty and power of meditation via the web.
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When his mind is filled with the notion of non-dualism, he knows that the whole world is pervaded by Brahman and discards fear (12). The ego’s identification with the objective world (I am this body, this job, this personality, these possessions, these past memories, this is mine, etc.) and its insistence on bolstering itself by putting other people down, perpetuates the cycle of ignorance that keeps us bound and restricted. They originally covered over 5 million square kilometers.  Due to erosion about half of that exists today. But we have all heard the phrase, “the past is written in stone,” and our experience seems to corroborate that view. So far there are some great theories about parallel universes, matter-antimatter, wormholes, Quantum Mechanics, and Superstring theory (with its 11 dimensional universe) but nothing concrete has yet unfolded.

How we perceive the passing of time (history) seems to be directly linked to what we focus our attention on and what questions are we asking. When we practice mediation and the mind transcends inward that distinction becomes blurred. As photons moved through the experiment they had to decide whether to behave like a wave or a particle. In the earlier days of QED (Quantum Electrodynamics) it was an interesting discussion point.
Just as a kaleidoscope can be used to look at a tree and see many different versions of it, so to that single atom could appear as the entire multiplicity of creation, depending upon who is looking (their level of consciousness).
Through meditation that incessant thrashing of thoughts slows down and eventually comes to a stop. Take time to explore and contemplate these profound words from spiritual masters, teachers, and guides. Now, more than ever before, we can share the incredible diversity and power of spiritual traditions from around the world. Contemplating the words of a spiritual teacher is a time-honored way to access your own deeper self. When your intention is strong and you relish the opportunity to sit in meditation, that is a great gift.
Today geometry uses Cartesian coordinates (x, y, and z axis, by Rene Descartes 17th century) to graph and help us better understand 2 & 3 dimensional shapes. When the mind clearly experiences its source as the field of absolute eternal bliss consciousness, rishi devata and chandas have merged into one. Their only desire, which has been their purpose, is to accomplish and to continually expand for greater and greater accomplishment. After passing the decision point a second beam splitter mirror was introduced (or not) based on the choice of the observer. Taking time to slow down and consider the words of a more advanced practitioner can help catalyze the inner conditions for meditation. If you are a more experienced meditator, read our empowering article on The 5 Hidden Signs of Your Success.
Whether you want to relax, stimulate creativity, gain enlightenment, or cultivate compassion and mindfulness, we help you learn how to let go.
He had argued with the foremen advising him not to pour because the temperature at night was forecast to go down below freezing. It turns out that what the observer does (with the second beam splitter) actually determines what choice the photons made prior at the decision point. But the foreman overruled by saying that the project already was two weeks behind schedule, and they could not afford any further slippage. There are innumerable fruits, ripe for the picking, within the branches of this seductive tree. Right arrows are matter particles (the electron, e–), and left arrows are anti-matter particles (the positron, e+) .
But, as we experience higher states of consciousness, over time we will formulate new theories to explain the ever present moment.

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