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Spiritual Benefits of MeditationThe sense of peace, connectedness and happiness opens the heart to enable you to live a contented and fulfilled life.Most spiritual traditions around the world have meditation, prayer or at least self reflection as an important part of their practice. Using the five-part Take and Receive Series by Jacqueline Bergan and Marie Schwan, this 30 session small group process leads participants through prayer and study of the themes of the Exercises: Love, Forgiveness, Birth, Surrender to develop a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.
Interested parishioners gather with one another in small groups to explore how to pray and to pray together. Resources for and ongoing help in forming and maintaining small prayer groups are provided by Cathy Olds.
Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale, AZ provides group retreats and private retreat opportunities. Redemptorist Renewal Center in Tucson, AZ is a place where the contemplative spirit of the human person may be discovered, fed and nurtured.

Spiritual Ministry Center in San Diego, CA has four apartments available and is located in a residential neighborhood one block from the Pacific Ocean.
Holy Spirit Retreat Center in Encino, CA offers programs and opportunities for private retreats at a hermitage with two bedrooms, sitting room, kitchenette, and two bathrooms for overnight, weekends or longer. It makes sense that to get to know our spirituality better we should spend time getting to know ourself better.
Groups can be anywhere from 3 to 12 people who meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly at the church or in participants’ homes. For nearly 50 years, the Center has served as a haven for contemplative prayer, study and practice for the local and universal Church, and for people of different faith and religion striving to live in this spirit.
Retreatants meet with a spiritual director daily, have a silent environment in which to pray, read, journal, listen to tapes, sit by the fire on a cool evening or commune with God in the chapel.

How to gain these benefits?To experience these benefits it is necessary to practice regularly.
You can start with a few minutes every day, building up to ideally, around 20 minutes a day.
You may be able to attend one of our Refresh Community Classes in your local community and to develop your meditation skills further, we offer weekend retreats throughout the year.Get started with our FREE online introduction to meditation that consists of a series of emails and recordings sent to you every couple of days for 3 weeks.

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