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Any amount of time that you take to get away from your daily routine to focus on God and on fellowship bears fabulous fruit.The main focus here at Cannon Beach Conference Center is to eliminate distractions so you can let the Lord speak to you and your fellow participants.
Our Sedona retreats are designed to help you maximize the vortex experience, integrate it into your life and come away with an entirely new, entirely elevated perspective. What better time to enjoy one of our spiritual retreats to make positive and powerful steps towards your own personal growth, healing, inspiration and purpose?
In fact, Sedona Vortex Retreats is one of the few companies actually permitted by the US Forest Service to take you out onto the rocks, right to the vortex sites, to experience the vortex energy firsthand and to facilitate you in spiritual and shamanic work. We offer retreats in Sedona for every taste–and our spiritual retreats are tailored and personalized to fit your own individual needs. We have a powerful Vortex Retreat that emphasizes the Medicine teachings of the Southwest and is deeply shamanic. We offer a De-Stress Retreat that will give you valuable tools for turning down the stress volume in your life. You’ll spend ample time on the vortexes with the best facilitators and guides in Sedona.
I don’t think I could ever come close to saying enough that would completely express how much we loved our experience. Our free report reveals what you really need to know about vortex energy and how to use it for spiritual transformation. Bali is a sacred place where people often find answers to questions that they have been asking and learn more about themselves.

As you immerse yourself into the traditional side of  Bali, drinking in the beauty, experiencing the subtle, yet powerful, vibrational field of devotional spirituality, you will find, in turn, your vibration, your personal energetic field shifting in subtle, yet powerful ways, contributing to your own sense of well-being and contentment. Gain a new liberating perspective on life.
Immerse your body, mind & soul into this retreat as you discover the six pillars of happpiness.
Something very important to remember  : whilst you are taken to these spiritual centres, ultimately it is your mindset that will allow the magic to happen. When you arrive, your rooms will be clean, your meals will be hot and delicious, and your meeting room will be exactly what your group needs. The spiritual advisors and practitioners we received treatments from were professional, treating us like family. The Couple’s Retreat is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect and honor the love and commitment that you share. We had an absolutely wonderful, heartlifting, spirit-cleansing, brain expanding and joyous experience with Akal, Sharon, and Patricia.
I would recommend this to anyone, at any time, for any reason if you are seeking this kind of experience.
It features vibrant gardens around ponds filled with carp and blooming lotuses, and ancient shrines surrounded by crystal clear pools fed by natural springs. Give us a call to lock in the dates you want before they get claimed by another ocean retreat fan. Many of our sessions take place right on the actual Sedona vortexes, a perfect place for a Sedona spiritual retreat.

Take some time and really allow yourself to experience this energy and receive the gifts and the growth that your Spirit is calling for.
Open your heart, come here and be rejuvenated and inspired by these souls who will make sure you leave with a smile on your face and in your heart!!!!
I had no idea how diverse, multi-talented and interesting our church family is!” “Haystack Rock blew me away.
Iala Jaggs was such a great informative and kind person and helped so much in recommending what she thought would be the best for us. To discover ways to be more authentic and honest to yourself, and others, in creating trust and joy. It isn’t just beautiful; it is home to an abundance of sea anemones, ocean birds, and other ocean and shoreline denizens.
The Yoga Barn has a myriad of meditation, sound healings and of course Yoga classes, which assist in integrating all the energy vibrations you will be experiencing.
You see it everywhere you look here at Cannon Beach!”Fellowship during a Christian retreat can segue from complete silence to unbridled, giddy gladness, to melodic upturned voices.

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