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Your free videos are on the way and will be included in your first issue of the a€?Stealth Seducer,a€? which should be arriving in your inbox in the next 10-20 minutes. The Stealth Seducer newsletter kicks off with a free 8-day VIDEO training series that will give you the stealth attraction skills you need to start sleeping with women, immediately.
Minds are wanted for Thorpe Parks next attraction, arriving 2016 work on the ride is picking up pace with foundations poured in the pit and rebar has been put in place for the other section of the building ready to be poured soon. Workers on site today spent a good chunk of time checking rebar suggesting that foundations could be poured very soon! This Stealth Attraction Secret is BY FAR the most powerful and cutting edge trick to getting women turned on and into your bed ever developed. And the tens of thousands of guys world wide who have already used them are proof of this fact. So trying to impress her or trying to appeal to her logical mind will do NOTHING and it will turn her off. When you truly understand that ATTRACTION ISN’T A Choice and that you need to appeal to her EMOTION and IMPULSES if you want to sleep with her, then you are miles ahead of every other guy out there. These are specific words and phrases that when said to a woman in the correct order cause her to feel high levels of arousal.

Richard La Ruina, a guy who was once a 24 year old who had only kissed one girl, discovered these 7 unconscious triggers in a dusty old college text book while desperately searching for a solution to his problem – and when he did, a light bulb went off in his head. Since discovering these secrets, Richard has been featured in the New York Times, on MTV, and even wrote a best selling autobiography that rose above Steve Jobs’ biography on the New York Times Best Seller list.
Make any girl attracted to you incredibly quickly using simple innocent sounding words….
And every other girl will sit up in their seats and pay attention, because you are getting so much attention.
What Richard has discovered and is now sharing with 100 lucky men is unlike ANYTHING that has ever come before. And it is only available for a very limited time, through his website, which you can get access to by clicking here.
Richard is releasing these secrets because he wants to help a limited number of men avoid the pain, frustration and rejection that he experienced when he was a misfit. Towards the end of the day we noticed that since we took the first batch of photos at the start of the day that workers had started to paint some of the metal guarders white. We believe that when island beats is done in a few weeks time that marketing will go into overdrive for the attraction.

Metal beams for cladding for the outside of the building continue to be put on the building. With the fright nights line up currently unknown we don't know if one of the mazes could be linked in with the new attraction for next year. But through trial and error he figured out exactly what to say, how to say it, and when to say it so that 9 out of 10 women he met ended up in bed with him.
We suspect that the park will get the building complete before starting to build the ride to keep the attraction a secret until open day. Near the goal striker building a large section of path has been dug up near the construction site. It is currently unknown if this is just maintenance or if some promotional material for the ride could go here?

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