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Discover the ideas, ventures, innovation, and entrepreneurship that make America the leading creative power in the global world. Who will you want to show your proto-type solution to?  Are you willing to listen--I mean really listen to people?
All of the innovation steps described above can take weeks, months, and even years.  If you have an idea that you and many others think is good, be persistent and one day it just may pay big dollars!Keep innovating!
Join us in discovering the people, ideas, ventures, and innovations that make America the leading creative business force in the world.

Thank you to all who read this blog!  Here are our top 10 countries!!!  If we get this w rong--please keep reading anyways !!! MONDAY STARTUP: IDEAS AND STORIES TO JUMP START YOUR BRAIN Who Inherits Your iTunes When You Die? Foxtrot is danced in a normal closed position, which means facing your partner and holding them close. It is what America does best, and is the key to a recovery banging on all cylinders.  Go out and win!

For the past eight years, Kevin has been CFO, then President of a family owned food manufacturer with distribution in major grocery stores in eight states. The long walking movements also involve a rise & fall action, which is similar to Waltz, although more subtle.

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