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It seems foolproof: nonprofits using the power of the Internet to raise money through a clever Facebook application. Brian suggests that too many nonprofits have taken the build it and they donate approach - that simply by using the tools we'll raise lots of money. Causes has been incredibly effective at organizing activists and keeping them engaged through a variety of different means — not the least of which is the building of an identity (”I am a climate change activist,” “I am part of the anti-genocide movement,” etc.).
Someone who expects Causes — or any social networking approach — to replace their development director doesn’t understand the nature of social networks. It’s the nonprofits who expect to replicate their year-end fundraising drive whole-hog on Facebook, and the media who cover them, who don’t get it. So I think we need to look at the lifetime value of getting a potential donor to join our Cause on Facebook and engaging and educating them about our work. SocialTNT: How to Use Friendfeed for Better PR - Although parts of this post assume you are interested in getting PR coverage from Silicon Valley reporters, it does give a nice overview of FriendFeed for newbies. What change management process is needed to move away from organizational silos or islands to fully leverage the social graph and power of social media for nonprofits? The book, written in 2002, does not address social media and change management or even technology. The growing awareness that there is a need for change management to accompany Web 2.0 projects in organizations. Is your organizational culture ready for social media or do you want to shift the culture by introducing social media? The authors purport to present a “brand new theory of leadership, grounded in evolutionary science” which they dub the “Evolutionary Theory of Leadership” or ELT. There has hardly been an epoch in which organisations played a more prominent role than our own. Download article as PDF Reflections on Guggenbhul-Craig’s Power in the Helping Professions. Recently, Jeannie and I had the pleasure of being the guests of Don Benson and Helen Spector (Benson) while they were vacationing in Sedona, Arizona. The purpose is to create an internationally shared field of best practices of emergence and evolutionary change. We invite you to put forward your experiences, quests and questions and exchange, share and co-create them with the other participants. Download article as PDF The following interview is one of many initially conducted as part of the research for a writing project. Acknowledgement: Sincere gratitude to Professor Basarab Nicolescu (President of International Center for Transdisciplinary Research, CIRET) for vetting a draft of this paper, and for being such a gracious and patient TD-mentor.
When I arrived home in New York City back in September, my number one priority was to find the NYC Integral community and get involved.

Yes, Yellow does resonate with Beige, and it is an "I" system to some degree, but the characteristics change significantly between first and second tier. As for Teal being Turquoise, I expect that there is a degree of aspiration in some people towards a holistic perspective and of course it is on the horizon, but some caution is needed. My limited understanding of SD und RO leads me to the idea, there there might be a fairly widespread confusion of states. Yellow is the second tier beige, and in beige it is about survival, and there isn't really any organisation.
Found this through a friend and client at Zappos and very energized to read how you weave together (or reveal the earlier connections between) all these elements.
A particular pleasure to see and feel the voices of George Por and John Watters in here - good friends and colleagues.
I live and work in the San Francisco, CA area, and would welcome a opportunity to meet over a coffee or wine, if you are interested and in the area. In fact, asking for and receiving donations has, in the nonprofits I’ve worked with, only ever been pursued on these networks as a way to reinforce this identity, not as a way to raise large amounts of money. It’s not about building a more effective ATM — sorry, “donor list” — it’s about cultivating relationships with your most passionate supporters, giving them ways to speak in their own voice and connecting them with other people. Be they governments, businesses or non-governmental organisations (NGOs), all of them deeply affect our lives and society as a whole. Don is a much-ion-demand consultant on supply change management, as well as an innovator and entrepreneur. We hope to share more of these interviews, because the work of these entrepreneurs and executives demonstrates the viability of a well conceived leader development program—in this case the Stagen Integral Leadership Program based in Dallas, Texas. Methodology is a branch of knowledge that deals with the general principles or axioms of the generation of new knowledge: epistemology, ontology, logic and axiology (Ponterotto, 2005). I look forward to sharing my voice and perspectives as I transform my personal leadership skills.
It helps to classify different training cultures and understand directions for further development. Same is my perception with yellow - we must not forget that yellow is in reaction to green - the level that took the 'we' too far.
I love how you have integrated the 4 quadrants into mainstream leadership work like HBR, McKinsey, Kotter, and Collins publications. A lot of people and organizations have also created causes pages that don't even offer the ability to donate through NetWork for Good. And besides, going online means sending fewer fundraising letters, which makes it appealing to penny-pinchers and environmentalists alike. Most young folks who are on social networks get this, since it’s how they’re relating socially on these networks already.

But I had to realize that introducing social media as a tool for better collaboration, either across an organization or with outside stakeholders needs to be facilitated.
Moreover, at this time of deepening global crisis and change, understanding the systemic ways organisations impact on society and the natural environment is becoming critically important. Their focus is on developing integral leaders among the CEOs and executives in mid-sized companies. And I welcome it as it reinforces what I have "suspected" or perhaps intuited - but somehow sensed simply - must be the case. Teal organisations utilize a mystic quality (organisations as manifestations of an independent higher consciousness) that comes from 2nd tier purple.
And, as you allude, what a shame that SD has missed such an opportunity to become more mainstream through being overly self protective. Within that context, I can attest that the characteristics you highlight in this article are alive and well.
The adoption of the typewriter, at just the same time that women began to work in offices, reflected changes in women's roles, new ideas about the organization of work, and the rapidly growing corporations of the day.
It's like the introduction of personal computers 20 years ago into offices, or a big ERP project.
It's time surely for collaboration through and beyond the inevitability of difference and conflict.
In turn, the typewriter brought about and helped to accelerate social change, opening up new jobs for women in the office. It is the yellow individual growing beyond it's singularity joining hands to serve a higher evolutionary purpose.
So typical yellow organisations out there are awaaz and anonymous - not much of an organisation at all. The typewriter, by reducing the time and expense involved in creating documents, encouraged the spread of systematic management. And putting customers into the driving seat of product development actually means turning how many companies work upside down. And on a daily breadwinning level the are freelancers, entering short term contracts at the max, or clustering in loose groups of all self employed professionals, often not even developing a common brand, avoiding to even hire a secretary.
They are maxed out with taking responsibility for one's own survival, and strongly dislike the idea of 'being responsible for someone'.
On a peer level this still allows for free cooperation networks, but in lack of alternative models of sharing work of quite different levels of skills they outsource rather than hire.

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