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Meditation Spa Relaxation Music: For Relaxing, Stress Relief, Yoga And Tai Chi Album Cover. You are currently viewing the Meditation Spa Relaxation Music: for Relaxing, Stress Relief, Yoga and Tai Chi Album Cover. Let's Come Together, Release Tension, Increase Balance and Feel Completely Relaxed with Tai Chi. Join us as we practice 'Beginners' Tai Chi 24-form Yang Style, an ancient Chinese form that helps create a healthy balance of Yin-internal energy with Yang-external energy.
It was a fun learning experience, the people participating were great; The instructor is awesome; can't wait until the next class!

If attending our outdoor classes, please dress according to weather conditions - protecting yourself from both hot or cold temperatures.
I thought Angie was very clear with the instructions and went slow enough so we were able to keep up.
What a perfectly magnificent day spent here, calming ourselves thru this beautiful art form for body, soul & mind.
I've never done this form before and I really love Angie's style - don't stress about getting every move perfect before moving on, you can practice part of the form at each class and refine each section as you continue your practice.
For my first visit Angie was patient, easy to understand and had a calmness that really helped me through my nervousness of trying something new.

After a few months I then was invited to practice 3 days a week with a Master named Master TA?m at a Buddhist Temple in Long Beach Ca.

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