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Welcome to the official Halstead Tumblr Blog, where our local agents are your local experts. Thoughts and opinions presented in this post are those of Anna Shagalov and do not reflect the official opinions or endorsements from Halstead Property, LLC. I would always say that I could never work or live here because there was too much temptation to shop, eat and discover.

The restaurant is so open and exotic that you feel as though you’ve escaped to the coast of Italy. The food is delectable, the service is fantastic and the owner is always there to welcome you full of charm.
Walk up two flights to an authentic SoHo loft that houses a no-frills salon complete with the best manicurists in town at a very reasonable price.

Add in live music offered on Monday-Wednesday nights, and LePescadeux will soon be your favorite too (90 Thompson Street).

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