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Bloggers shouldn't expect something for nothing, but companies shouldn't expect us to support them on a personal blog for nothing either. You don't have to read it all, but you might want to check age of children or if anything traumatic has recently happened to the blogger or their family. I've lost count of the number of "offers" I've had recently to come to an event in a few days time. With so many parent bloggers there are thousands of places where your product or service can be promoted. If I am reviewing a product I like to include useful information, like rrp and where it is a available from. If in return for attending an event, being sent a product, running a competition etc you expect a review, blog post etc say that up front. I am surprised with the emails I receive (particularly for sponsored posts) where people want me to post about something I haven't tried, seen or know about eg "please agree to post this video clip for x company, I'm not going to tell you what's in the clip yet as it's top secret." One of these turned out to be for a new range of purees. By reviewing which tasks normally fall into this quadrant you can identify what needs to be done, stop it if it's not needed or move it to quadrant 2 through planning.

I work full time and I normally can't manage time off at that short notice (or childcare for an evening event). A number of 'professional' bloggers may give you fantastic readership and will host sponsored posts, but every blogger realises when a company basically wants you to stick an advert on their blog for free.
Fine except they have (intentionally or not) misinterpreted what I have said and shared my assumed views with 1000s of people. If you have offered me the product to review I would like to know more than what is on the packaging. By remembering who you have worked with before and staying in occasional contact about new development they will continue to promote you if they genuinely believe in your product.
Admittedly a few bloggers do, but their posts have less weight with readers because they can't trust what is being said.
On my blog I've talked about how we skipped purees with baby led weaning (clearly they skipped my first recommendation).
If we love your product we are keen to share the news, but you still might want to give us a reason to focus on your product over others.

When I am introduced to something and I love it I will write on my blog how much I love it.
I won't intentionally advocate anything I disagree with or companies that behave in an unethical way eg Nestle.
Giving a few days notice implies that I'm an afterthought and that you don't think my time is valuable. If I then see them working with new people with new products and they haven't been in contact with me I feel a bit used. Yes it's about getting your product out to as many people as possible and I don't expect to be sent a load of things for free, but if I have continued to promote you I would like some recognition for my loyalty. Even if it's an occasional thank you or press release about what's happening (I love to know what brands are doing before everyone else).

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