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Finally, the exciting and long-awaited sequel to one of the biggest health and healing bestsellers of all time has arrived. Read Books, Magazines & Comics & many more directly on your browser or download on PC or Tablet! Die Funf TibeterDas alte Geheimnis aus den Hochtalern des Himalaya la?t Sie Berge versetzen. If you do not agree to any of these terms, the Privacy Policy, please do not use the Service.

When Peter Kelder's Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth was released by Harbor Press in 1985, it immediately touched off an incredible sales phenomenon rivaled only by The Celestine Prophecy and Conversations with God.A A In this book, readers were introduced to the Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation, a series of exercises developed over centuries in the monasteries of Tibet and credited by thousands for everything from increased energy to better memory, weight loss, and just looking and feeling younger. Almost as quickly as the books filtered across the globe, letters began to pour in to Harbor Press requesting more information on these mysterious rites.
Now, more than ten years and two million books later, comes a comprehensive companion volume that addresses the unanswered questions of so many readers. Picking up where Kelder's book left off, Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth, Book 2 provides the complete Fountain of Youth health program, with detailed information on a variety of topics discussed only fleetingly in the original bestseller: the history and origins of the Five Rites, valuable insights about how the Rites work, diet suggestions, and easy-to-follow exercises. Illustrated with fifty black-and-white photographs, this guide will help turn back the hands of time, invigorating and energizing readers' lives as never before.

Name me one system of physical culture that does as much as the Five Rites, and as quickly and as easily, with just five simple exercises. Name one system of exercise that, by word of mouth alone, came back from near extinction to what is now a world-wide phenomenon. 15, 90471 Nurnberg.Ist nur ein Liquidator bestellt, so vertritt er die Gesellschaft allein.

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