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In the life and career of Lee Bogle, an ilness that required a long recuperative period afforded him the opportunity to become well acquainted with his easel and to discover that time is a gift to be treasured.Bogle found teaching art in junior and senior high schools a rewarding career for 20 years. It was during that period that I discovered and explored techniques that I employ even today in my work," he continues.For the past years, his hauntingly beautiful images of Native American women have intrigued a growing number of collectors who eagerly await each new release. The artist appreciates the natural world and his subjects' expressions convey an inner peace, a tranquility of the spirit."My studio, which is my home, is my inspiration," he comments.

Because I'm surrounded by nature, it seems natural to apply my watercolor with weeds and thistles."Bogle's skills lie in this kind of ingenuity as well as in his technical ability. Vivid, realistic detail is juxtaposed with abstraction; media is mixed courageously to create the ultimate effect. From this careful combination of media is achieved some of the most admired work in the contemporary art world.

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