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Though Joel ben Izzy has been telling stories all his life, he began his professional career in 1983 after graduating from Stanford with a degree in English, Creative Writing and Storytelling. Joel Ben Izzy's own story took a sharp twist in the summer of 1997, when he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. As Joel Ben Izzy says in the prologue: "Sit back and let me tell you my tale, of a journey that took me through dark times, yet gave me a gift that I treasure. In addition to his geographical travels, Joel Ben Izzy's stories have taken him to many places rarely frequented by storytellers.
He was such a success at HP that Joel Ben Izzy was sent to perform at HP locations in Brussels and Italy. Joel Ben Izzy has been coaching a senior executive at Agilent Technologies, the $10 billion HP spin-off. A much-sought-after storyteller, Joel Ben Izzy also appears at schools, libraries, camps, and synagogues.

Cindy GallopCindy Gallop has turned an illustrious advertising career into a lifelong pursuit of changing the world, her way – one daring project after another. Cartier's achievements in Fine fake rolex Watchmaking are the fruit of a constantly innovative approach at the service of highly distinctive aesthetics. Following a year performing in San Francisco, he set off traveling the world, gathering and telling stories. Though usually a treatable form of the disease, in his case there was a strange complication: when he awoke from surgery he could no longer speak. That gift is this story, which I now pass on to you - a tale of lost horses and found wisdom, of buried treasures and wild strawberries, of the beggar king and the secret of happiness." This book recounts Joel Ben Izzy's journey, a true tale woven together by the stories he has collected in his travels. He deploys ancient stories gracefully to illuminate his own story." Ira Glass, host of Public Radio's This American Life. His work as a story-consultant has him coaching and teaching story-skills to folks in fields ranging from film to high-tech, from banking to advertising, from medicine to law.

He encourages employees to create a ""virtual bag" of stories, symbolized by the shoddy leather case of props Joel Ben Izzy totes to every gig.
Its past as an inventor and designer prom dresses has given rise to a style that favours volume and shapes.
It follows twists and turns, leading up to the strangest twist of all - a year and one-half after he had lost his voice, long after he had given up hope of its return, it was miraculously restored to him.

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