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So this year we’re throwing it out there again and predicting who will win, judging by how many people are looking at their listings – and the results are pretty clear cut.
Using our page view-predictor, “The Special Ks” Kyal and Kara will win The Block Fans vs Faves. The red-hot favourites have won nearly every challenge since the series started seven weeks ago.
Their agents Warwick and Lucinda Gardiner from Greg Hocking Real Estate are confident that their vendors will reach an acceptable price on auction day. We predict that cops turned take-charge designers Alyssa and Lysandra will finish in second place, with their Manhattan style apartment attracting more than 64,000 views. This leaves the pair that has caused the most derision in this series, Chantelle and Steve, in last position – but not far behind – with a touch more than 49,000 views for their light-filled luxury pad.
We’ll be watching to see if our predictions come true when the O’Grady St, Albert Park apartments are auctioned next week. Want to be a Blockhead for 2016 or is this casting for something different as there's no mention of The Block? The Block is calling for auditions, shooting towards the end of the year.

The Block 2014 Fans Vs Favourites teams complete their largest spaces, the living and dining rooms. THE crackdown on dodgy private college operators rorting the taxpayer has finally drawn blood, with millions of dollars to be refunded.
THE day Matthew and Selina Cheeney sold their humble family home was like cashing in a winning lottery ticket. COMPANY tax cuts would transfer more than $11 billion in revenue from Australian to US coffers, research has found. IT WAS called the People’s Forum, but there was one audience question neither Malcolm Turnbull or Bill Shorten were able to fully address. GOOGLE faces a record antitrust fine of nearly $5 billion from the European Commission in the coming weeks. THE Australian market looks set to open lower after Wall Street fell, despite upbeat retail data.
TOOLS are down after eight weeks of hard yakka on The Block: Fans v Faves, with teams ready to reveal the final room on Sunday.

A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. We also know that the more people interested in a property drives competition and can increase a property’s sale price –  we saw this last year when we predicted who would win The Block from the number of page views each listing had received.
Their tri-level warehouse conversion has received the highest number of views (currently more than 74,000), which puts them clearly in first place, a good 10,000 views ahead of their next competitor. Her role sees her dealing with key property players and data, which gives her invaluable insight to the nations' views on the market. One team walks away with $10,000 cash to put towards renovating the rest of their apartment.
It almost appeared to be a set up as that team are very short of cash to finish their apartment.

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