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And of course, there are those who claim to abhor secrets (*cough*Marianne*cough*) and declare themselves to the world. So it got me thinking: what are some of your favorite secrets and things-kept-hidden in Austen? Do you have any dirty little Austensian secrets (a cat named Darcy, a Regency ball gown in the back of your closet)? All right, DapperSkeletons just sent me this huuuuuuge submission that has a lot of neat stuff in it. That just means that they don’t have that chord that comes from the back that-if they were in a head- would attach to the brain. But at the same time there are many numbers that seem to reoccur throughout the show, and both 1 and 3 (as well as 13 maybe) do this.

When we first heard that Marvel was re-releasing all 4 of the classic activity books into one mega collection, complete with new stickers, I was floored. Before we go too far down this trip through memory lane, let me tell you whata€™s in this 160 page collection. The activity book is at first glance something you cana€™t believe they reproduced, but when you flip through it, youa€™ll be glad they did. Also, dona€™t let the price ($24.99) scare you away because as someone who has a child on the way and is hoarding all the activity books he can find, whatA is included in this collection is well worth it.
I mean, I get that the pages are supposed to look cool and be stylized and stuff, but if the art team was doing that, they probably would have done more than just two styles, right? If youa€™re heading out to the comic shop today to pick up Jonathan Hickman, Esad Ribic & Ive Scvorcinaa€™s kickoff to the Event to end all events, you would be remiss not to pick up the Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Activity Book.

The Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Activity Book is a reprintingA of the original Secret Wars: The Crime of the Centuries, Escape from Doom, The Secret of Spider-Man's Shield, and The Tower of Doom. I wondered for a bit if it had anything to do with the code Stan uses on the vending machine to enter his little secret… place. It was the first time Marvel released an action figure line among other promotional material to help promote their comic book line. I think a retinal chord is that thing that sends brainwaves and information to your eyes to tell them where to look.

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