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The Christmas Secret (aka Flight of the Reindeer) (2000) – 2016 Christmas Movies on TV Schedule – Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas, ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas and more! After receiving a book claiming that reindeer can really fly, a college professor sets out to prove the theory.
UP (available on DISH Network channel 188, DIRECTV channel 338, Verizon Fios 224 and local cable).
While her life is falling apart, single mom Christine finds a magical family heirloom that leads to love and good fortune during Christmas.
Christmas is nearly here, which means the same old songs, the same old movies and the same old delicious food and fun family times.
Making it two Gold Logies in a row for The Project’s presenters, Waleed Aly raised this year’s coveted statuette aloft, capping off a night to remember for Network Ten’s nominees.
Jessica Marais leads a stellar cast for Network Ten's brand new contemporary drama series, The Wrong Girl, which commences shooting in Melbourne tomorrow.
The 2016 TV Week Logie nominations have been announced, and the event promises to be a sparkling showdown as Carrie Bickmore, Waleed Aly and Grant Denyer all go for the coveted Gold Logie.
Lifetime continues the non-stop movie train with I Didn’t Kill My Sister (aka Murder Unresolved), the story about a woman whose sister winds up dead during a bitter divorce, but ends up the prime suspect, so she has to find the real murderer while avoiding the ever more suspicious police. When a popular TV newswoman is murdered during a nasty divorce from her co-anchor her ambitious sister finds herself a suspect and is determined to unmask the true killer.
I Didn’t Kill My Sister stars Nicholle Tom, Sharon Taylor, Sarah Desjardins, Gina Holden, Ona Grauer, and Chris William. Just when you thought Lifetime was all out of ways to make you think the internet was coming to kill you, Lifetime reminds you that there are a bajillion new apps that have been made in the past decade, each and every one easily turned into a cautionary tale of how it will destroy you.
Wrong Swipe could have been a discussion about hookup culture, apps replacing actually going out and meeting people, and even throwing in stuff about how some people are so overworked that a personal life is a luxury.
Iran’s film industry has a great reputation of producing killer good artistic flicks that light up international film festivals.

As The Future World is rare and full of weird stuff, it gets the longform descriptive review treatment! Original Kid (Hossein Yar Yar??) – The main character who spends much of the film being worried or complaining, even though is Dad is basically solving every problem rather quickly. Black Beret (Mahshid Afsharzadeh) – Female member of the Brain Trust that runs the X2 under Darth Toaster. Darth Toaster – The ultimate villain, a robot who has taken command of the X2 and kills all that are in his way.
Wampa – A mysterious lady turns into this Wampa and attacks the heroes, because why not have a random were-person on your spaceship?
Erotic Karma is written by Tina Hawthorne, the possibly real person who has written a bunch of Mainline films including Obsession, Hidden Treasures, Sex Tapes, Dark Secrets, Birthday Sex, Sexy Assassins, and Naughty Reunion. The body changing does allow several characters to flex their acting muscles, including one side character of the type that usually shows up for a one-and-done sex scene. One thing not really addressed is the same problem I have with these films whenever people are possessed by ghosts or aliens and then begin having lots of sex, which is the fact all the sex scenes become rape scenes. Sean (Rocco Reed) – Either a graduate student or a lower-ranking professor at the university that teaches some Anthropology classes. Professor Dirk Jordan (Paul Case) – The jerk professor who must have tenure or something, and is high enough ranking in the department he can order other people to teach courses. Lifetime has a long history of films explaining in graphic detail how the internet will kill you, and The Wrong Car delivers with Uber being the latest target. Trudy is too busy studying law to do anything except study, especially since she’s trying to avoid moping over her ex.
Trudy also drops a bunch of philosophical stuff about the penal system and justice showing she is an optimist while society is more about revenge, which will of course change when she gets rapecarred and threads the needle between bringing the perpetrators to justice or maybe going Death Wish on the villains. Christina Elmore, Danielle Savre, Erin Cole, Francia Raisa, Jackson Davis, Jesse Gabbard, John Stimpson, Kevin G.

Overall, the effect is quite charming, and anyone familiar with African cinema will be right at home, there are multiple points where the setup and composition is nearly identical to the Nigerian and Ghanaian films I’ve watched, with a lot of talking around that seems loosely connected to the story at best. He finds himself at the workshop of Santa Claus, who is all too willing to help him collect data. She’s been fired from her job, evicted from her home and her ex-husband is taking her to court for custody of their children.
They’re generally the same thing over and over again, but in slightly different Christmas wrapping. Do you want to remind people of the true meaning of Christmas, do you want to remind them of the spirit of joy and giving, or do you just want to do Die Hard? And while most mums have a lot in common, they’re a diverse lot, offering their own ideas of what constitutes the best kind of love, support, and discipline. To make matters worse, she’s misplaced a very special family heirloom, a star-shaped locket handed down from her father, who disappeared from her life when she was a young girl. Preferably, you want it to be dry for the entire movie, until that final climactic moment, where it unexpectedly snows (probably on Christmas Eve) and reminds everyone that miracles CAN happen. Fear not; from new shows to old favourites, there’s quality entertainment aplenty this March on TEN. But things seem to be looking a little brighter for Christine when she lands a new job working with a gregarious bakery owner and a holiday romance begins to blossom with Jason, the handsome grandson of a sweet couple who own a popular local store.
As she uncovers a long-standing family secret, Christine’s luck might be starting to turn, bringing her good fortune and true love just in time for Christmas.

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