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There is a dirty little secret in Guytown many married men with children are afraid to confess. Perhaps the biggest surprises await when you climb inside this snazzy, seven-passenger shuttle and feast your eyes on the interior, which is head and shoulders above most if not all of the Quest’s domestic competitors. As might be expected, rear dual sliding doors make access and egress a snap, especially for parents who need to strap in the young’uns, a feature that I think might become increasingly popular as Americans of all ages continue to grow in girth. What a surprise to discover that a formerly minivan lag-behind like Nissan has pulled up its socks to give the once forgotten, diaper bag-carrying baby-daddies in the tribe a little something to dream about in between 4 a.m.
But, dude, trust me when I tell you that you’re going to want the satellite radio option, just so you can crank up Cavuto when the kids hit the Terror Years of adolescence.
If a windstorm product can survive a 15-pound, 12-foot-long 2 x 4 flying horizontally like a 100-mph missile, and also the pressure from 250-mph winds, then the product gets the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) seal of approval.
Kiesling, who is also executive director of the National Storm Shelter Association, calls garage doors the weakest link in a home.
During a tornado, the winds blowing over a home exert an inward pressure against the windward wall, outward pressure against the sidewalls and leeward wall, and upward pressure against the roof, Kiesling says. A common tornado misconception is that opening the windows and creating a wind tunnel helps to equalize the pressure inside and outside the home.
After you've boarded up the windows, bolstered the garage door and secured the weak connections in the roof, you still have to worry about keeping the structure on the ground. The great power of the Towel is that everyone thinks they can make one — and they’re right. The Towel is a great-flying airplane that’s optimized for typical urban flying conditions: gusty winds, small flying spaces, and rough landing spots. While some have knocked the bold new exterior design as bordering on sci-fi, the buffed, weightlifter-like rear end and rugged roofline (if you get the optional roof rails) might well be a prayer answered among married guys who still like to keep in touch with their inner-beast and who don’t always have the pressing need to feel so, well, parental.
But the Quest has to build new street cred if it’s intent on going up against the likes of the Honda Odyssey, whose recent TV ads depicts a Marshal guitar amp in the back cargo area and some gobsmacked fool with rock-and-roll dreams in his eyes. Sturdy and solid road manners can be traced to the vehicle’s independent front strut suspension and front stabilizer bar, speed-sensitive power rack-and-pinion steering and a continuously variable transmission.
Fundamentally closer to the point is what has always been wrong with these vehicles: the way they look. We're reposting in response to the devastating tornadoes that struck Moore, Okla., yesterday. Kiesling's Wind Science and Engineering Research Center (WISE) at Texas Tech has tested a variety of doors to these standards using a huge air bladder that simulates EF5 tornado conditions, creating a list of doors that survived the impact and the wind-pressure challenge.
Once the garage door is lost, you can consider the house lost as well: High-speed winds pressurize the house and blow the roof off like a shaken soda can.
But an open window is just a direct gateway for high-speed debris, and can actually cause the house to become pressurized, like blowing air into a balloon. Walls of Concrete"We can't change where tornadoes strike, but we can change the way we build and prepare for the inevitable," ARXX CEO Gael Mourant says.
Stupid-simple to build, all it takes is a spare afternoon, $100 worth of gear, and some DIY chutzpah. Unlike store-bought beginner planes, the Towel has a 1:1 thrust-to-weight ratio that makes it highly maneuverable. Repairs are simple and the airframe can take a lot of punishment before needing replacement, which takes minutes.

Back in the day, I was flying an early version of the plane that had met Mother Earth at aggressive velocities many times. You’ll spend 80% of your build time on the deck, and only 20% on the airframe and control surfaces. Surprisingly high quality materials throughout the cabin remind that minivan interiors and consoles don’t have to be dreary and drab. Namely, a ginormous transporter that boasts an unlikely mix of comfort and cool, machismo and reliability, road savvy and rugged demeanor, plus a little elegance tossed in for good measure.
Consumer Reports suggests purchasing windowless garage doors less than 9 feet wide that are rated to withstand 50 or more pounds of pressure per square foot, and Kiesling adds that a single door has a better chance of surviving than a double door.
With tensile strength of 6700 pounds, Cable-Tite ties the house down by connecting the J-bolt of the foundation to the top plate.
This allows for a very desirable property of the Towel, which is that the airframe can be easily replaced in that 20% time frame. A duo-tone color palette with tasteful faux-wood flourishes mixed with a slightly leaning, curvaceous console and center stack of easy-to-navigate controls added an equally surprising elegance to my base-level S model tester (and this was without the leather upholstery you get on the upper-tier models). With the twist of a wrench, a cam-locking device at the base tightens the cables to a uniform degree, and exerts constant downward pressure on the home. ARXX's forms are made of two panels of the foam held in place by plastic or steel connectors. A fellow pilot, who was a bit of a smartass, remarked that it looked like I was trying to launch a wet towel, and the name stuck. This April was the worst tornado month on record, and storms throughout the year have ripped through Alabama, Massachusetts, Missouri and elsewhere. It anchors into the wall above the door, into the floor and into each hinge, preventing the door from blowing in or suctioning out.DIY-Friendly? Once the building blocks are set, a rebar framework is inserted into the space between the foam panels and concrete is poured. And now, as tornado season winds down, the late-summer hurricane season is about to begin.Ernst Kiesling, professor of civil engineering at Texas Tech University, says there's not much you could do if a tornado scoring a 5 on the EF (enhanced Fujita) scale bears down on your home (and in the case of tornadoes, with their smaller path of destruction, many people would rather gamble with fate than invest in armoring their homes with costly technologies). With some basic tools on hand--an electric drill, masonry bit, socket driver, socket wrench, hammer, scissors and screwdriver--the first brace can be set up in 45 minutes; the others in less time. Hurricane clips connect the top plate to trusses or rafters, greatly increasing the strength of connection between the two. But if you want to try to brace your home against the howling winds of twisters or hurricanes, there is a spectrum of technologies available, from roof clips and window shutters at the more inexpensive end to reinforcements for doors and walls at the high end.
Once you've installed the system, the top bracket and floor anchor bolts are permanent, but the braces themselves can be disassembled and stored in the garage. As suction forces pull on the panel, the teeth become embedded deeper into the recessed opening material and resist expulsion.DIY-Friendly? Not unless you are starting home construction from scratch or planning a major renovation, which will expose existing J-bolts, top plates, and studs. The blocks can be stacked to create 24-inch-thick walls and solid foundations.DIY-Friendly? If you pull on it, it pulls right out," Randy Shackelford, building code engineer for Simpson Strong-Tie, says.DIY-Friendly?
Rob Fee, president of PlyLox, says that if you measure and cut the plywood covers in advance, you can board up a standard home in 20 minutes.

ICF is an alternative to timber-frame construction, so you use it when you're putting up walls--either when beginning a building from scratch or building an addition onto a pre-existing home. According to wind-speed-pressure tests, if a standard windowless 7 x 16nfoot rolled sheet-steel garage door is reinforced with three braces, it can withstand a maximum of 180-mph wind speeds. If you can follow instructions and drill a hole with a steady hand, you can put up hurricane clips. There are a few connectors designed specifically for retrofitting a roof via the tight quarters of an attic. Coroplast is a difficult material to work with, and multiple light passes with a very sharp knife work best. Allowable loads, or the maximum load a connection is designed to provide, were determined by static load testing and building code calculations in accordance with the International Code Council and ASTM D1761. ICF homes are energy-efficient, requiring 44 percent less energy to heat and 32 percent less energy to cool. You can also use stiff cardboard, presentation board, Coroplast, or Depron foam, but heavier materials may require a stronger motor and more nose weight.
In a low-danger area, you might have a clip approved for 500 pounds of uplift protection on every other member of the roof. Keep your blood off itSave the scraps, you'll need them later.It’s critical that the servos be well and solidly attached to the deck, and that the elevons be well connected to them. If the wires are short, you may need to move the servo closer to the propeller hole, or right to its edge. For this build, I needed 1".For our build we use the motor’s 3 existing holes as guides to drill through the mount, then attach with zip ties. This motor required a bit of clearance in the center, so a fourth hole was needed.Outrunner motors have a mounting setup that you’ll have to MacGyver into connection with the airframe.
Usually the propeller shaft is cut flush with the end of the prop saver.The holes closest to the motor are offset.
The male connectors go on the motor, female on the speed controller.Strip and tin all wires, 3 from the motor and 3 from the speed controller. The speed controller runs the motor by applying current to 2 of the 3 leads at a time, in AC, believe it or not.
Most batteries come with some sort of connector, so you can just adopt the matching connector in that case.Shown in the photo at top is the standard Deans connection and at bottom the XT60, both of which require soldering and can be difficult to separate.
If your prop has no lettering, look closely at its blades to see the airfoil and intuit the correct orientation. Or do what I do — run it both ways and see which generates more thrust.Attach the motor to the motor mount using zip ties. Center the prop in the middle of the deck’s prop hole, keeping the prop blades about ?" away from the back edge.

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