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The Kundalini ConsortiumDedicated to the scientific exploration of human energy potentialities, such as kundalini, Nirvikalpa, neuroplasticity, energy healing.
Animal CommunicationAnimal communication can also help identify the causes of physical pain in the animal and thus help the veterinarian in his diagnosis.
Subconscious MindSelfgrowth4ever is about growing whilst dreaming and making our dreams come true. Zardoz PressLIfe Force Books new Children's book imprint, featuring the Ooga Ooum book series. Ben WillemsenLearn about the powerful role of the psyche in health and healing, the fascinating world of the spirit, the meaning of spiritual growth. I'm not saying that it's without benefits; it probably has some, but does its practice merit an association with the term Kundalini? One positive outcome of this discussion has been my friendship with Anna Tzanova, an experienced, gifted Kundalini Yoga teacher. When an energy centre is blocked or inactive it can lead to imbalance and disease in the body. I found this excerpt from a Children of the Sun (COS) newsletter quite fascinating and want to share it with you.
As we do this together from the Crystalline Grid, the very substance of our new I AM Avatar Blueprint has now been drawn in and up, woven throughout our etheric body template as ONE toroidal field of unified light and cosmic consciousness. We have heard a lot about Kundalini Awakening and the union of the sacred masculine and feminine energies within. Instantaneous results can be achieved by those who are prepared with a healthy body, an even breath, stabilized mind and balanced emotions.
This is why so much attention is being place upon the Sacred Fire as a way to accelerate the deeper purifications, on all levels and layers of our multi-faceted being.
Note: The Kundalini cannot be raised into the Pineal Gland if any of the chakra energy centers have blockages.
Within the sacrum at the base of the spine are charged bolts of intelligent liquid fire coiled like a serpent. The caduceus is a winged staff, with two serpents, and was carried by the Greek god, Hermes, who is said to be the messenger of the Gods. In this Kundalini practice, we keep our gaze held within the chakra energy center between the eyebrows, the meditative access point to the Pineal Gland. Our intention is upon the very quick movement of the kundalini serpentine fire through one long inhale…. Keep the tongue up touching the roof of the month just in front of the teeth and the gaze upward and fixed on that interior 3rd eye. The platinum light that is bursting out of your crown forms a Tube Torus geometry around your entire body. We see this fairly often, a person goes through an intense spiritual or transcendent experience, and afterwards they begin having some very strange things happen to them.
Now the term Kundalini itself is tied up with the various Hindu religions and also a number of Western mystery schools. In addition to the seven main chakras, there’s hundreds, if not thousands more chakras all over your body.
While everyone has an energetic body, it’s clear that not everyone is aware of it, so why is that? I mentioned before that the throat chakra has to do with communication, and as such it’s blocked up by things like not expressing yourself, letting people walk all over you, that sort of thing. Let us know about your experiences with awakening in the comments and thank you for reading. It is about life, the subconscious mind, meditation, self growth, personal development, sharing.

Many informed students of Yoga hear or read about it one time or another, but the accounts given in modern writings are too meagre and vague to serve as helpful sources of authentic information. Some of its practices, forming integral parts of a combined whole and serving as a means to a definite end, such as the asanas and breathing exercises, are now being regarded as laudable ulterior ends in themselves to the neglect of the ultimate object for which the exercises were devised. For starters, I suggest going to the source and finish reading the passage;A Gopi Krishna's books can be purchased here. She showed me how the practice of Kundalini Yoga has evolved over the last twenty-five years.
In the past, serious aspirants of the Kundalini awakening have engaged in extensive practices such as physical postures, controlled breathing exercises, meditation, chanting and much more to prepare themselves for the awakening. Kundalini is a magnificent power and it is imperative that one be prepared for the energy that may be released in such an experience.
Additionally, the etheric envelope of the body has to be pure before the upgraded DNA configurations can be opened into the physical body matrix. This can happen very quickly or slowly depending on the quality of a person’s practice, acceptance and surrender. This exercise, our Crystalline Grid attunements and any personal sessions greatly assist to clear, balance and accelerate the chakra centers.
There is a negative charge stream which can be imagined as a silvery serpent of light, representing feminine energy. As you breathe, see your sacrum expanding and contracting, becoming alive as a rhythmic pulsation. From your sacrum, see the gold and silver serpents energy moving quickly up the central spinal column of platinum light.
The main chakras are normally the easiest to get in touch with at first, though the ones in the palms of your hands and in your feet shouldn’t be too hard to feel either. Past fears and childhood trauma may have caused a person to be afraid to truly express themselves, and these things need to be healed to have a healthy and full functioning throat chakra. It’s been described as a freight train running up your spine, and I can personally vouch for that description. My physical sense became much more sensitive, gone was my previous tunnel-vision, and for a while load noises that didn’t used to bother me became a bit painful. We should be up in arms because these two radically different practices employ the same word in terms with different means and ends. The ancient treatises exclusively dealing with the subject of Kundalini Yoga abound in cryptic passages and contain details of fantastic, sometimes even obscene ritual allusions to innumerable deities, extremely difficult and often dangerous mental and physical exercises, incantations and formulas technically known as mantras; bodily postures called asanas, and detailed instructions for the control and regulation of breath, all couched in a language difficult to understand, with a mass of mythical verbiage which instead of attracting is likely to repel the modern student.
The real object of this system of Yoga is to develop a type of consciousness which crosses over the boundaries confining the sense-bound mind, carrying the embodied consciousness to supersensory regions.
Gopi Krishna goes on to say: "They succeeded admirably asA the main exercise, concentration, which is the corner-stone of every system of Yoga, fits in with the methods prescribed by nature also for expediting human evolution. The Kundalini Yoga exercises I did left me with a certain lighthearted buoyancy, but had no effect on my Kundalini. If one is not ready, it can be like putting too much electricity through a small wire or fuse and you can overload the circuits.
Also coiled here in the sacrum is a positively charged bolt of fire, which can be seen as a golden serpent of light, representing masculine energy. This is the central rod of power from which these serpents intertwine, intersecting at the chakras. I’m going to steer clear of all that stuff as much as possible, and simply share what I can confirm from my own experiences. One at the very base of your spine (root chakra), one a little below your belly button (sacral chakra), one a little above your belly button (solar plexus chakra), one in the center of your chest (heart chakra), one in your throat (throat chakra), one in your forehead (ajna chakra or 3rd eye), and one at the very top of your head (crown chakra). If you align your palms facing each other, and hold them a few inches apart, you may be able to feel your palm chakras right now.

The chakras themselves are connected to each other through energy channels called nadis, and these energy channels, along with the chakras themselves, make up what’s known as the subtle body, energetic body, or light body. It’s a similar healing process for the other chakras, though different too as each chakra deals with different aspects (refer to link I gave above). It’s a process of energetic clearing that ultimately leads to having a fully functioning chakra system.
Truly speaking, no illustrative material is available either in the modern or ancient expositions to convey lucidly what the objective reality of the methods advocated is and what mental and organic changes one may expect at the end. Distracted by the tyrannical demands of modern civilization and discouraged by the generally incredulous attitude towards the possibility of such a development in man, the present-day aspirants often content themselves with a few postures and breathing exercises in the fond belief that they are practising Yoga for spiritual uplift. In the meantime, I just finished producing a Kundalini Yoga video program, featuring Anna as instructor.
This column is platinum light which bridges the dual aspects of the serpentine fire into a unified field. Their body may begin to feel like it’s vibrating, or they may feel pressure in their forehead. Each chakra corresponds to something different, for example the throat chakra has to do with communication, among other things. Their chakras have become blocked up, gunked up with emotional baggage, fears, and beliefs of limitation. What was previously mundane and boring became miraculous, life was suddenly full of adventure and child-like wonder again.
Interchangeability is not only misleading, it's confusing.A We need to distinguish between the two terms. The Golden Flower Meditation (GFM) method I employedA to raise Kundalini draws its lineage directly from its Hatha Yoga and Chinese antecedents. The serpents merge together at the Medulla Oblongata as one unified stream of energy penetrating up into the center of your brain reaching into your pineal gland.
These constrict the energy flow between chakras, and hence for the whole Being, and also manifest as physical disease. The subtle feelings that were at first difficult to get in touch with began to integrate into every aspect of my life.
In a nutshell, what is hailed in strip malls across the country as Kundalini Yoga is a violent form of aerobics that leads to hyperventilating, but does not permanently activate Kundalini. Resistance makes things ten times more difficult, and can result in a very painful and fearful process. My empathic connection to others was enhanced enormously, and I could probably go on and on and on about all the other changes. Kundalini meditation, on the other hand, correctly implemented, leads to a permanent Kundalini awakening.
As you reach the top of your inhale, a beam of platinum light surges up and out the crown chakra. Kundalini meditation, such as GFM, is based on achievingA stillness, the exact opposite quality one stimulates during Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga seems to be an offshoot, meant to garner fame and fortune for its purveyors, rather than a straight line continuum of true Yogic principles.

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