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First Story – Gao Yuan is a low level accountant who has been flying to Yulin every Tuesday for the last 3 years working on an important contract.
Third Story – Mei is having an affair with her married colleague and they are involved in a car accident that puts her colleague in hospital. The film revolves around four separate stories, which delve into different aspects of love. Director Zhao Tianyu's new film, "The Law of Attraction"(Wan You Yin Li) is to open today, April 8 all over the country. In a recent interview with the Beijing Times on Tuesday, April 5, director Zhao said he would continue to explore the relationship between men and women in his films.

In the film, director Zhao intertwines different aspects of love including first encounter, building a family, yearning for a new relationship and renascence together, which offers a realistic account of a relationship that every one may recognise. Zhao Tianyu released his directorial debut in 2008, "Deadly Delicious," a love adventure between a man and two women, which turned out to be a box office success. One day he is delayed at security by a diligent security guard Xiaolin who’s hand detector malfunctions and indicates Gao Yuan has metal on him. Desperate for children, Xuelian implements the plan of eating healthy food for three months and having sex at the exact time she is ovulating. There are fine performances from Karen Mok, Zhang Jingchu, Guo Tao, Leon Dai, Wen Zhang, Bai Baihe, Huang Huan and Duan Bowen.

They are meant to reflect the complicated relationships people usually have and are used as visual metaphors. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Xiaolin helps him book a flight to a city near his destination but that flight is delayed so they have lunch together.

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