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William Walker Atkinson was a very important and influential figure in the early days of the New Thought Movement. He married Margaret Foster Black of Beverley, New Jersey, in October 1889 and they had two children.
He then met Sydney Flower, a well-known New Thought publisher and businessman, and teamed up with him. Atkinson wrote a great many books on New Thought as well, which became very popular and influential among New Thought devotees and practitioners and achieved wide circulation. Elizabeth Towne's magazine The Nautilis, and from 1916 to 1919 he edited the journal Advanced Thought, and was, for a time, honorary president of the International New Thought Alliance. Swami Panchadasi, The Three Initiates, Magus Incognitus and probably others not identified at present. William Walker Atkinson is one of the names most commonly associated with the law of attraction.
William Atkinson, while writing about the law of attraction, states that the human mind is often affected by thoughts of failure.
He states that law of attraction helps the mind in maintaining a mental calm and a state of steadiness in the face of adversity. He suggests that the followers of the law of attraction should refrain from negative thoughts and actions. According to William Atkinson, the individual must have faith in himself and in his actions to be successful in his mission. William Walker Atkinson's writings on the law of attraction carried the school of thought to a much higher level and even to the next generations. This book is a Series of Lessons in Personal Magnetism, Psychic Influence, the Thought-Force, Concentration, Willpower and Practical Mental Science. A digital audio download simply means you no longer have to worry about returning audiobook rentals on time, or lugging around bulky tapes and expensive CDs.

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With a combination of the spiritual and practical, Vitale’s self-help audio books, eBooks and programs were definitely a part of my inner journey and bulimia treatment as I learned the keys to lasting recovery. He’s a leader in the world of teaching the Law of Attraction and uses it to manifest everything he’s achieved in his life. Through deep inner work he manifested a chain of events that changed his life in huge ways.  Now he’s a highly successful, sought after speaker and author who is one of the most well-respected miracle attractors on the planet! Vitale has used his tried and true techniques for success for over 25 years, and they apply not just to making money, but to any goal you may have for improving your life.   He is a master hypnotist and has created the Attract Miracles Community, a constantly growing community of people dedicated to improving the world by first finding their own positive paths. Working with the Law of Attraction (LOA), Vitale has created many wonderful products to further spiritual growth on the planet and help with your bulimia recovery.  Here are some of my personal favorites. One of his best self-help eBooks, this explores what Vitale calls the Four Stages of Awakening.  Reading this book will help you identify and then achieve your goals through mental, physical, and spiritual transformation. This is a breakthrough course for Joe Vitale who teaches you how to realign yourself with the Universe so that you can finally have what you want in your life. With The Awakening Course, you will completely transform every area of your life including. This is an amazing audio book that offers subliminal messages to unlock the power of giving and receiving.  It comes as a DVD and helps the unconscious mind open to abundance by reinforcing positive habits.
If you’re looking to expand your spiritual growth you can benefit from the messages here, especially in the area of an addiction or eating disorder.  Take a look at this video clip to get an idea of its power. As one of the best self-help audio books on the market, I highly recommend it for anyone who is on the path of bulimia recovery.  If you’re ready to finally become a productive, focused, giving person…click here to download Give to Live free and start now!
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Both were located in the same building as Flower's Psychic Research Company and New Thought Publishing Company.

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