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I find it a little hard to believe that Danny’s never met Mindy’s parents in once capacity or another, when many of Mindy’s ex-boyfriends (including one-night-stand Lee (Max Greenfield) and fleeting fling Jamie (BJ Novak)) apparently have done just that.
For whatever reason, he hasn’t and Mindy wants him to come to Boston to their going away party so that her family can finally meet him.
Annette (Rhea Perlman) throws Mindy a surprise baby shower and it’s there that everything unravels. The Mindy Project’s fourth season has yet to be given the go ahead by US network Fox, but here’s hoping that we’ll see Mindy again – if for no other reason than I want to finally meet Mindy’s parents! Danny agrees, and is supposed to follow Mindy to Boston after performing a surgery, but at the last minute he bails on her and yet again their lack of communication becomes a problem. Morgan shows up with what he deems to be Mindy’s four best-looking ex-boyfriends, and chaos ensues.

Mindy Kaling and Chris Messina continue to demonstrate their palpable on-screen chemistry and some amazing acting to boot. Mindy is crushed that Danny didn’t go to the party, but admits to Peter that she hasn’t even told her parents about him at all.
We find out that Josh (Tommy Dewey) once peed himself whilst meeting Mindy’s parents for the first time (he was high on crystal meth) and that Casey (Anders Holm) is still adorable. If it weren’t for the two of them, and the occasional sighting of Adam Pally, I wouldn’t be coming back to watch week after week. Peter, who has come to New York to ask Mindy to be his best man, talks her into being honest with both Danny and her family, but before she has the chance to, Morgan overhears her conversation with Peter and comes to the conclusion that Danny isn’t the father of Mindy’s baby.
Mindy and Danny’s secrets are revealed, and Danny’s is that he doesn’t want to get married again, which crushes Mindy.

I hope that The Mindy Project comes back for another season, even if it is a shorter episode order than previous seasons. I’m not ready to say goodbye to the weird crew of Shulman and Associates, or to Mindy and Danny. Jeremy is Peter’s best man (great plot twist) and Danny declares his love for Mindy to her parents.
The quality of this show may have dipped from its previous seasons, but it’s still better that a lot of shows on the box right now – so sign me up for another round.

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