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The Burning delivers the goods on a worn 80s slasher theme - this is an underrated slasher gem with great gore, and interesting story, brutal slayings and genuine scares. We start out with a story that we have all seen played out so many times before with varying results: A nut-job seeks revenge on teens at summer camp for some past wrongdoing, murdering and maiming happily along the way and getting his just desserts in the end - with plenty of nudity, sex, booze, drugs, and partying thrown into the mix. It is difficult to pinpoint the specific reasons why, but The Burning actually turns out to be one of the best shasher- horror films of the whole sub-genre, even without having much originality. The Burning is about an old drunk caretaker at a summer camp lovingly called Cropsy (feel free to roll on the floor laughing at the ridiculous name.
The Burning is definitely one of the better movies in the slasher genre and hey, nothing passes the time like a good ol cheesy slasher flick? PLEASE NOTE: These posters are printed on demand, so please allow approximately 3 to 4 weeks for poster to ship. Disclaimer The views expressed by individual writers are not necessarily those of the site owner or the entire Strange Kids Club staff. We have of course covered the North American slasher before, both in the form of Homo Vorrhees and Homo Myers, but our study of these fascinating creatures would not be complete without mention of Homo Cropsy, a slasher evolved to thrive in a fire-prone environment. Cropsy is yet another unnatural creature, but once more we find his reflection in the natural world. Despite humanity’s long-standing mastery of fire, it is of course a natural phenomenon. Many species of plants and animals evolved to not only survive regular burns but also to depend on them. Fire is an agent of change, and natural selection favors those who can make the most of a post-fire environment.
Monster of the Week is a — you guessed it — regular look at the denizens is of our monster-haunted world.
About the author: Robert Lamb is a senior writer and podcaster at HowStuffWorks, where he co-hosts Stuff to Blow Your Mind with Julie Douglas. It’s amazing how many movies there are about kids being hacked to pieces at summer camp. The Burning begins in the mid-70s when a group of campers pull a prank on the caretaker Cropsy by putting a burning skull inside his cabin.

An interesting side note is that this one of the first films produced by Harvey and Bob Weinstein’s Miramax Films.
BURN is an action-packed documentary about Detroit, told through the eyes of Detroit firefighters. Originally intended to be part of a sadly canceled outdoor camping themed screening, the poster – like Cropsey– lives on. Have you ever wanted to see what Seinfeld's Jason Alexander looked like before he started going bald or see a young, barely clothed Holly Hunter? Maybe ita€™s the creepy music score, or the great Tom Savini special effects, or the brutal death scenes or maybe the fact that there are some genuine scares throughout the film. I sure did) who gets a cruel prank played on him by some camp teens which ends up setting him on fire and horribly disfiguring him. We do not sell or trade email addresses in any way, and they are not used for advertising purposes. Actual shipping transit time (once your order has been shipped) will vary based on your location. This time, Strange and his pals are transported across the universe (and reality) to help their Saturday morning hero, Bronarr: Space Barbarian fight the evil forces of Lord Gammax! This of course ranges from flame-resistant and flame tolerant trees (such as the Ponderosa Pine) to animals that seek shelter either beneath the ground (such as the eastern indigo snake) or beyond the fire’s reach (such as the Florida panther). As this slasher makes its home in gin-soaked groundskeeper sheds and highly-flammable pro-wrestling mortuary families, it boasts increased resistance to fire, much like the Ponderosa pine. If teenage campers are more aroused, then they’re more likely to engage in the very sexual activity that slashers are drawn to when choosing prey.
Sometimes we’ll focus on the cultural aspects, but mostly we’ll look at the possible science behind a creature of myth, movie or legend.
It’s kind of sick when you consider this subject matter is a whole sub-genre of film. Yes, the same guys that went on to be successful Hollywood producers started with a shlocky slasher film.
How about a blatant Friday The 13th Rip-off that just may be better than the original flick?

Naturally, after years in a hospital, the first thing he wants when he gets out is bloody revenge. We’re talking less competition for resources, as well as vegetation and structural changes that benefit a whole new population of organisms. If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then get off your ass and go get one of the better, yet most underrated slasher flicks of the 80a€™s, The Burning! Just like anyone else would do after such an injustice, he offs a hooker before heading back to camp with his trusty ol' garden shears!
A sadistic caretaker survived a horrifying 1976 fire (caused by a horrifying prank-gone-wrong) only to return five years later and massacre multiple oversexed teenagers with a pair of hedge clippers. I’d like to say this is the end of the slasher subg-genre for Shocktober but of course not.
I should probably note that this completes my Tom Savini trilogy of slashers that started with Maniac and was followed by The Prowler. Now you figure Cropsy would go after the kids that almost killed him but nah, these other kids will do just fine. From there on out it’s your typical, predictable, one-kid-killed-at-a-time slasher but with great gore effects.
Unlike those films, The Burning has a few cast members that actually had a career afterwards. Of course Cropsy’s weapon of choice is hedge clippers which provides for some creative kills. I’m talking about Fisher Stevens, Jason Alexander, and Holly Hunter (though she has one line of dialogue).

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