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Scary Good: IMDb's Guide to Horror Can't get enough of movies and television shows that scare up a good fright? After breaking up with her boyfriend, Jennifer, moves back to the house she grew up in bringing back memories of her friend Jack, who used to live next door but recently passed away. Jennifer travels home at Christmastime when she learns that her dad (Bill Cobbs), who lives alone since her mom died, hurt himself when he fell off a ladder.
I stopped watching to catch a couple of games and when Ituned back in I realized they ripped of The Lake House. It seems it is getting bashed because they stole the idea from another movie, that flopped.
I thought he got the card 3 years ago warning him to not go out on Christmas, so they altered history.
Now in fairness "Secret Santa" isn't some big budget movie, this movie was done on the cheap with a cast of unknowns and as such it isn't the worse movie I have ever come across.
Anna Walker (Elisabeth Rohm) comes around in hospital and is informed by the doctors that she is suffering complete amnesia which is incredibly rare. Returning home after World War II, Noah (Chris Klein) finds that home has gone as his parents passed away, his brother is in prison and the family farm has been sold. When her husband is killed the finger of suspicion points firmly at Cassidy Miller (Joely Fisher) and everyone from her daughter Lucy (Tabitha Morella) to reporter Nora Grant (Denise Richards) believes Cassidy is guilty. Shortly after moving back to the home where her husband Jack (Todd Allen) was raised, Claire Bannion (Valerie Bertinelli) is hit by tragedy when Jack dies in a fishing accident, which she gets glimpses of due to her psychic abilities. On the way back from her mother-in-law's funeral, reporter Daria Valdez Morrow (Barbie Castro) is involved in a car crash caused by her arguing with her husband Sam (Casper Van Dien) who was driving.

Father Joseph McIntyre (John Lund) has never served aboard a destroyer but that is what he is about to do having been sent to serve aboard a destroyer heading into battle with the Japanese fleet. Having been kicked off the force months earlier when then detective Joan Mueller (Veena Sood) accused her of corruption, Sarah Winters (Sarah Carter) turned to writing and is now promoting her first book "Justice in Limbo". Image and video are used in accordance with Fair Use, and are property of the film copyright holders. But as I said "Dear Secret Santa" is a made for TV Christmas movie and one with an element of comedy which means that whilst we have Jennifer the career woman she is a grade A stereotype who bosses her father around whilst doing comical things such as climbing through a window and hiding behind a tree in an obvious manner.
When the Kasdan Academy for girl's merges with the Cresswell academy for boy's it gives headmistress Mrs. It went from a silly,¬†cliche Christmas movie to a total rip-off of a movie I saw in the theater when I was a teenager — The Lake House. Tatyana Ali (insert theoretical Fresh Prince joke I’m unable to make because I never watched that show) stars as Jennifer, whose hobbies include working too much and doing as many clumsy yet adorable things as possible to a musical score that sounds like it was copied and pasted from every 90s Christmas movie in existence. While home, Jenny begins getting romantic Christmas cards from an unknown admirer, who turns out to be her old neighbor and the unrealized love of her life, Jack.
Green) has promised to take his wife Carla (Debra Rich) and son Teddy (Harrison Myers) away, but then lets them down when he agrees to work Christmas on the used car lot selling stolen cars.
But it is what it is and the acting is mostly ropey, the effects are non existent and the wardrobe department looks like they raided a school dress up box. It is back at home that she begins to receive anonymous romantic Christmas cards in the mail box. Jennifer is not the movie's only stereotype and it is awash with good guys as well as well as a grumpy father who doesn't like that his daughter has thrown away his unhealthy chips.

That's when he gets a late night visit from Lillith (Tena Fanning) one of Santa's elves who tells him that he is to become one of Santa's helpers till he learns his lesson. I wish I could find a positive but in truth other than something for really young children to watch to keep them busy I can't find one.What this all boils down to is that "Secret Santa" is not good and feels every ounce of a low budget movie made by some unknowns.
Perplexed Jennifer eventually responds to one of these cards, leaving it in the mail box and to her surprise gets a response, a response which makes her realise the cards are coming from Jack (Lamorne Morris), her childhood friend who was secretly in love with her.
So in a way you could say that "Dear Secret Santa" not only rips off "The Lake House" but pretty much every Christmas movie ever made with that generic sort of humour and array of characters, although having said that there are a couple of comic twists in there which should bring a smile to your face.In the end if the ripping off of "The Lake House" is not your thing then what "Dear Secret Santa" has to offer is the familiarity of the cast lead by Tatyana Ali delivering a cute but bossy performance. Did Lifetime think we’d all be too ashamed to admit that we’d seen it to call them out on ripping it off?
That makes "Secret Santa", also known as "Dear Santa" one heck of a cliche Christmas movie and there is nothing wrong with that as many a Christmas movie is built from recognizable cliches. As such there will be those who on discovering this will fall about in fits of laughter at the idea that anyone would even consider ripping off "The Lake House" whilst others may be more impressed. The trouble is that what is done with those cliches is so dull, so uninspiring that "Secret Santa" is a slog of a movie which starts slowly and never gets any better. What it means, and remember that "Dear Secret Santa" is a made for TV Christmas movie, is that the outcome is inevitable and is a case of whether in ripping off "The Lake House" they will rip off the climax or come up with something different which I will leave for you to discover.

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