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Unhappy with being overweight?Frustrated about being stuck in a never-ending cycle of yo-yo dieting? Lack confidence and feel awkward in social situations because you are overweight?Eat for reasons other than hunger, then feel guilty and unhappy afterwards?Feel unmotivated, unsupported and alone? While there is bound to be exceptions the following is a guide to what will be posted when on Coaching Confidence.
Daily - A daily quote with a mix of different quotes that will appeal to different coaching styles, opinions and beliefs. Monday Coaching Confidence Chatterbox - a quick interview style feature with different coaches. Friday - A post by a guest author or offering a recommendation for coaches and those interested in coaching. Sunday Blog posts for coaches from around the web Includes some of the posts that were shared on our Facebook page each Monday. All there to support and encourage you as a coach - no matter where you are on your coaching journey. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I believe will add value to my readers - if I can't see the value it doesn't matter what commission is offered it simply won't be listed. The secret is observation and concentration, and the more you practise this the better you will get at it. When you do so you will notice that your eyes fix upon a particular point in space ahead of you. And then follow up something like, a€?How did that compare with the worst car youa€™ve ever been in?a€? Watch his eyes. Remember that when you are looking at him his right is your left and his left is your right.
The eyes of left handed people generally go in the exact opposite direction on each occasion. Look, for example, to see on which wrist they wear a watch or which hand they use to pick up objects.
As was pointed out earlier, not all people fall exactly into one category or the other and there are sometimes slight variations. But if you calibrate them carefully when they are speaking and watch where their eyes go when you ask them quite neutral questions, it will give you clues as to their truthfulness on the more important questions. You could then ask questions of an auditory nature: What is the sound of glass breaking? People do organise themselves slightly differently on occasions but you will find that whatever they do, they will do it systematically. Gain FREE access to my self-confidence videoTo gain free access to my self-confidence video enter your email address and first name in the box below.
I wonder what you first thought when you read NLP techniques and modelling as the headline. Erickson believed that the unconscious mind is always listening and by accessing it during hypnosis, positive suggestions could be planted there to help patients. But Bandler discovered that this was not so and that if you make a careful study of what they do, they each have their own individual systems which they perhaps unconsciously bring into play. If you wish to become successful you need to start off by deciding what you want and where you want to go.
When you ask them what they want, they say a€?Ia€™d like to be rich.a€? a€?How much do you want?a€? you say. It is just so much easier to laze in front of the television or play computer games and convince yourself that those who are successful just have it easy.
If you have played sport even at a local level, you know that in order to get on the team you have had to train and practice and by training and practising you gradually got better and better at what you did. He does that by spending hours and hours practising the same particular skill kicking a dead ball around an imaginary or artificial barrier. But the lad in our group who became a professional spent his whole life doing it to the exclusion of all else.

The next thing to recognise is that if they have a bad day or even a bad spell, those who turn out to be really successful at what they do, dona€™t just give up. I know that is so from my own study of Pitmana€™s shorthand which I learned as a young teenager.
I may have missed a few summer evenings that year, but I made so much money out of my shorthand skills afterwards that I basked in many sunny days when others were working.
So using a basic technique based on sub modalities was naturally high on the list when Eric told me about his loss of confidence.
The list of questions that can be asked is almost endless and may depend on how the client presents, but those are the sorts of questions I asked Eric about his pictures.
Then I asked him to spin it faster and faster, and the faster he spun it in the opposite direction the better he felt.
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Learn all about this exciting technique here, which allows you to replace self-limiting behaviour with a chosen, desired response.
If you've tried to find out how to do a Swish Pattern before online, you've probably been disappointed - it's a very difficult technique to describe! Learn about a real life example of how I used NLP Anchoring to deal with pre-meeting nerves before a sales call.
Chaining Anchors is an advanced anchoring technique, and is very useful for getting in a good state that is far removed from your present state. This is a powerful technique from NLP you can use to get rid of negative feelings or emotions. If you're interested in getting on better with strangers, becoming more confident and assured, and understanding people better, this article will show you how to create rapport with anyone you meet - and how to match body language too. Once you've read the theory, come back to this article which shows how I helped a friend to change the impact of some bad memories using NLP Submodality techniques - and learn how you can do the same. Learn how to have self-belief and motivation on demand with this guide to getting your swagger back. Practicing NLP and the NLP Secrets has many benefits, which wea€™ll explore in greater detail in the following articles. What it may indicate, though, is a lack of confidence and that may be enough to put you on the right track. We expect people to act in accordance with the apparent seriousness or urgency of a situation. That is why there is a rule which permits evidence of the complaint being made at the time. Windermerea€™s Fan, A Woman of No Importance, An Ideal Husband and The Importance of being Earnest.
She is making big pictures in her mind accompanied by strong feelings, and her attention is so focused on those things that she is in an altered state. When nothing untoward happens afterwards, she has evidence that his routine is unnecessary.
Anchors are some of the most powerful tools in your NLP kit,they are very effective OCD treatment and you wouldna€™t wish to be without them. Give her a moment to think and watch her eyes, and you will see that they go in different directions for the two decisions.
If it is a good choice for the customer, his eyes will speak to you and you can move more enthusiastically towards a sale. If he is actually remembering a sound he will look immediately to his left, and if he is remembering internal dialogue he will look down and to his left.
Rather, they are like brush strokes which, taken with others, enable you to build a more complete picture.
I remember one beautiful summer when I stayed in just about every evening after work practising and my mother worried that I was missing the beautiful summer evenings.

Whether you want to feel happier or more motivated or change a limiting belief, NLP can hook you up. Use it to get to the gym more, eat better and have more confidence with public speaking - and a million other things too. I have put together a Layman's guide to Swish Patterns - using examples and easy-to-follow instructions - which should fix this problem for you. Find out how effective it was, what I did, and what you can do in just ten minutes to make a massive impact on your own levels of success. For example, if you're procrastinating and want to feel motivated, or you're sad and want to feel happy, then chaining anchors could really help you out. If therea€™s a negative state you want to get rid of a€“ such as anger, worry or annoyance a€“ you can collapse the anchor and replace it with a positive emotion - such as happiness, confidence or laughter. Find out how you can change the impact of memories easily - and make good memories stronger, and bad memories weaker.
Use techniques from NLP to generate feelings of success in an instant - and all you need is your imagination.
Nope, not in the superficial a€?everything will be fine if I just think positivea€? way a€“ but by making a deeper, profound and lasting change to your belief systems. You engage a prospective buyer in conversation and ask, a€?Do you remember the best car you ever bought?a€? Watch his eyes. He studied very carefully the work of Virginia Satir who has become known as the mother of family therapists, sitting in on her sessions and observing carefully what she did. My aim is to show you how!I'm a Certified Practitioner of NLP, and I have helped teach an NLP Practitioner course too.I'm taking my Master Practitioner April - August 2010, with some of the best trainers in the world. Although it sounds complex, it's actually quite a simple technique - and only takes 10 minutes.
I prefer a definition which is slightly more descriptive: "NLP provides the ability to overcome the most complicated mental states with the simplest techniques".Well, I hope that cleared that one up!! I'll be an NLP trainer within a year.Here's a list of all my NLP articles - and if you keep scolling down you'll find an introductory article which will give you an idea of the NLP Secret.
I guess the best way to put it is that NLP gives you specific tools you can use to re-program your brain and gear it for success.
If it is distant, bring it closer and make it really, really big until it fills your whole vision.
There are some really cool ways of integrating new ways of thinking and behaving into your sub-conscious a€“ and if you try out some of the following exercises, you will see some rather mesmerising results.
Another NLP secret a€“ you can make some truly incredible changes to your life much quicker than by using willpower alone. You play around a bit with your emotions and memories, which with practice allows you to choose your state of mind more effectively. Note to sceptics a€“ if you can tie your shoelaces, you can learn new skills.Not too complex, ay?
If youa€™ve had problems staying focussed in the past, read on, as there are some really simple ways to beat the system a bit here!
Therea€™s another NLP secret for you a€“ behind all the elaborate names are some really simple ideas. Learn how to:change your beliefs using NLP, visualisation & morecreate a mindset of successbecome happier day to day and start to follow your pathJoin! Bothered watching metal stillages to nice november people nov people because now 1, people touch there a close it a know people in hours took work.
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