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The power of thought must not be looked at as something that got us where we are, but rather something that will get us where we want to be.
This has led to many theories on the power of thought, most of which can be boiled down to thinking positive to affect positive outcomes.
And that’s where the real power of thought rests—in not just thinking positive, but preparing yourself to handle the situation and opportunities that arise. A study by the evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa this year has found a small but significant link between homosexuality and intelligence. Many studies have found a link between IQ and the order in which you were born in your family.
The link between IQ and religiosity has been studied extensively, in both individuals and societies. Studies on men by Dr Aikarakudy Alias have found a link between body hair and intelligence.
While his work focused particularly on chest hair, he also correlated the presence of back hair to intelligence in men.
Some studies have followed British children as they grow up, and have measured a number of characteristics.
Scientists have known for a few years that people who meditate have different brain structures from the rest of us. I love how technology now allows neuroscientists to gain a better understanding of the results that meditation brings!
Making your biggest life goals come true just became a whole lot more manageable with this 5-step action plan. We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. The human mind generally perceives life through two lenses: negative consciousness and positive consciousness. The programs of BEST 5 help heal the affects of our cumulative negative consciousness and shift our consciousness to a positive state. When you go from one task to the next all day long – your mind is constantly trying to catch up.  Hit the reset button with Brain Operating System Training. Most of us are familiar with the many health benefits conferred by meditating, like reducing stress, anxiety and depression, lowering cholesterol and risks of heart disease, and strengthening the immune system. This informative and interesting infographic entitled "The Body on Meditation" explains what actually happens inside the body during meditation and how meditating affects various bodily functions. The infographic also summarizes the results of various studies involving meditation and stress, pain sensation, smoking addiction, cardiovascular disease, blood pressure and the immune system.
How to Cleanse the Body Naturally [Infographic] by Lauren Coutts Our bodies become toxic for many reasons. Music is incredibly powerful – it can affect our thoughts and feelings, improve our productivity and performance, and allows us to express ourselves creatively.
In addition to specific mindfulness exercises, mindfulness can be incorporated into our daily lives using any everyday activity or task – from driving the car, to taking a shower, or doing the ironing! Even very small events such as having a sip of tea or cool water, a slight breeze on our skin, quiet bird sounds, and the sensation of clothing or a chair against our legs can be the focus of our attention for brief periods, and help bring us more fully into the present moment.
Read more in this helpful article about how to bring Mindfulness into the Everyday, by our Clinical Psychologist Bridget Hogg.
Being late home, not doing the laundry, getting drunk, making fools of themselves at parties – are all mindlessly forgiven. Mindful forgiveness is something we are not as experienced in, and leads us to ask questions like: “How do I forgive?” and “How do I move on?”. Clinical Psychologist Dr David Wells has written an excellent article about Mindful Forgiveness.
Sport, exercise, and other performance areas sometimes require the individual to push past low mood, negative thoughts, and low energy to get long-term results.
Mindfulness and acceptance skills can add to one’s mental toughness and increase the potential for success in reaching goals. Learn more about Achieving your Best with Mindfulness in this helpful article by Abra Garfield. Mindfulness for Pain ManagementDid you know – Mindfulness Meditation can be helpful in the management and relief of chronic pain? One of our Psychologists, Dr Amanda White, was recently interviewed by the About Pain website.

To make an appointment with Amanda to learn how Mindfulness and meditation can help with your chronic pain issues, you can book online, or with any of our Mindfulness psychologists, by calling 1800 877 924. But breathing is so vital to our wellbeing, that we really do need to give it our attention. Thought can open up doors that would otherwise be closed, simply by first opening up the inner mental doors of your mind to the possibility. In order to prepare for the promotion and speed it along, John starts taking greater initiative at his job. They call John in and are surprised to find out that John is talking about a promotion—they always had him pegged as someone who just wanted to do his job and go home, not move up in the company. Thinking that you can do something, that you should do something and that you will do something leads to you actually doing something. You’ll soon be amazed at how this thought process turns into an actuality as the desired outcome becomes reality, all from the power of thought. Here I will explain some of the surprising characteristics which have been found to exist more commonly in intelligent people.
While each half of the brain does broadly the same thing as the other, there are some differences. Rather than homosexuality itself being a characteristic of intelligence, Kanazawa’s results suggested that those who had had multiple homosexual partners were more likely to be intelligent. Firstborn children were found to be generally more intelligent than their siblings; the further down each child sat on the pecking order, the worse they generally scored in IQ tests. Rather than looking at IQ, he looked the relationship between body hair and levels of education. Today, politically incorrect terms like madness are unacceptable for descriptive use, but the relation of mental illness and intelligence remains a fruitful area of study for neuroscientists and psychologists. When a surprising link is made between two seemingly unrelated factors, you have to consider what may be the real link between the two. The brain then sends signals of blissfulness to the entire body, which then reorganises itself into a restful and stress-free state.Knoles says each one of us has the same brain capacity.
It provides programs and classes for groups and individuals based on the Five Steps of Brain Education. Depending on our state of consciousness, we perceive and ascribe judgment and value to our life events. This allows us to lessen the power of the past on our present circumstances, and creatively shape our future by bettering ourselves and contributing to the Earth and humanity.
No effort involved normally, just give it a week or two and hey presto forgiven; probably not forgotten though. Abra provides one-on-one therapy, life and career coaching, sport and exercise psychology services, and education programs and seminars on Mindfulness.
Sure, thought has brought man to the point in history we are at today, with computer technology and life-saving medical techniques, but thought can also be a very powerful weapon in our everyday lives. When you are more receptive and open to an outcome, that outcome becomes more likely to pass. Is the power of thought really as simple as thinking good things will happen and then having them happen?
Then, John hears about the power of thought and figures he has nothing to lose by trying it out. He is on time more often, stays late on occasion to do an extra good job on projects for important clients and overall, increases his output and quality because that’s what someone who deserves a promotion would do.
John is sent for leadership training in Virginia where he not only meets his future wife, he learns the skills he needs to move forward with his career. Since co-occurrence does not imply causation, the exact relationship between these things can be hard to judge.
In humans, and lots of other mammals, one side of the brain is slightly dominant – this is why you favor one hand over another.
Those who scored highest on intelligence tests, tended to have had the greatest number of homosexual partners. It was unknown whether this effect was due to some change in pre-birth conditions as a mother continued to bear children, or whether it was a post-birth social effect.
Those countries with the highest rates of atheism were found to be in the highest range of IQ scores. Perhaps contrary to popular belief, he found that men who were students or graduates had more body hair than those who work menial jobs.

This year, however, a study in the UK showed that those with lower IQ were more likely to be unhappy than their more intelligent colleagues. Some evidence (mostly anecdotal) points to creative intellectuals being prone to eccentricity, but eccentricity is also prevalent among academics. A Swedish study compared the relationship between student performance and their mental health in later life. Very recently a study looked at the number of Nobel laureates per ten million people in a country’s population, and the amount of chocolate that the whole country consumes.
The question is: what are we training our brain to do?"Instead of having brain matter generated through states of stress, meditation provides the brain with blissful experiences that increase the capability in every area," he says. These five steps are the basis for healing physical, emotional and mental issues and to assist individuals in reaching their full human potential.
The ramifications of these judgments and values affect our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing; ultimately effecting our overall health.
A former elite athlete himself, Abra is also an Approved Provider with the Queensland Academy of Sport. We don’t have the strength to fight a lion, the ability to overcome a shark or the protection to ward off deadly diseases from mosquitoes. They have four paws armed with claws and sharp teeth with the ability to clamp down on their prey.
Change the way that you think about the outcome and see it as a reality that will happen, not that might happen. Some studies have shown that left-handedness is linked to intelligence; left-handed people tend to score higher on IQ tests, and can also often finish these tests faster than right-handed people. Kanazawa suggests that homosexuality may be a reflection of inquisitiveness – a sure precursor, or companion, to intelligence. Recent studies have revealed that the main determinant for IQ is how children are treated within their family – as opposed to birth order in itself.
Since societal links can be easily skewed by other factors, studies on individuals have also been carried out.
He also found that students who excelled in their degree were often hairier than students who performed poorly. It was found that you could predict a child’s level of alcohol intake, based on their intelligence. It found that amongst those students in the highest performing group, bipolar disorder was four times more likely to develop later in life. The resulting graph shows a very strong and statistically significant positive correlation. During that time, the group spent an average of 27 minutes a day practising mindfulness meditation, a particular style of meditation which focuses on non-judgmental awareness of sensations, feelings and states of mind.After the program, tests done on the group found there was increased grey-matter density in the hippocampus, the area of the brain associated with learning and memory, and in other brain structures associated with self-awareness, compassion and introspection. But give us back our thought process and we quickly develop tools for outsmarting animals and insects that would otherwise spell our demise.
We have fingernails that break when we open soda cans and teeth that chip off when we bite into hard candy. He writes down a list of reasons why he deserves the promotion which in turn starts to change the way he thinks about the promotion. Other studies, however, have shown that left-handed people have a wider range of IQs – making them over-represented in both the highly intelligent and the rather dim-witted sections of the population.
It has been suggested that the positive effect of homosexuality towards intelligence may be caused by society’s attitude towards gay people.
In families where the first child dies, the surviving second child, on average, has the same boost in IQ as is usual for a first child.
Surprisingly, intelligent children were more likely to be heavy drinkers when they grew up.
Children bullied for perceived homosexuality may turn to intellectual pursuits, and may feel a greater urge to strive for achievement in areas where they will be accepted.

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