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The man arrested, shown in Journal Star report as the booking photo, is alleged to be the 2011 incumbent Grand Master of Nebraska Masons – Edward David Watts. It is necessary to bring to your attention a grave breech of dignity and honor imminently befalling the Grand Lodge of Nebraska, USA with ramifications for Freemasonry worldwide. The distressing part of this situation is the fact that nothing has yet been done to remove Watts from Freemasonry in Nebraska or even remove him as a Grand Lodge Officer. All of these things show a pattern of poor judgment and conduct unbecoming any Freemason, let alone a man who would be Grand Master. The fear is that besides am ugly public drubbing, that the UGLE would rescind its recognition of the Grand Lodge of Nebraska because of such horrendous decision making and unsound judgments. The argument itself is based on the question Moral Turpitude which is a Masonic Jurisprudence loop hole by which to expel a member should they befall, or have discovered, a social hiccup. The classification of a crime or other conduct as constituting moral turpitude has significance in several areas of law.
So, in a nutshell, if you have a DUI, minor criminal infraction, pay your taxes late, spit on the curb, have been drunk in public, or any of a long long list of base acts in society, your guilty of moral turpitude, in a sense, a moral law. In the case of Watts, the appeal from King was not the only place the story surfaced on the web.
His complaint was that Watts had resigned without there being a clear line of succession for the outgoing Grand Master John T. Since the posting of the last article a number of sources have indicated Edward David Watts in fact, had NOT resigned as Deputy Grand Master of Masons of Nebraska. To which he takes the position that Watts is innocent until proven guilty – even of moral turpitude, which I have to be honest, is the best way to proceed, no matter our elevated idea of morality that allows us to evaluate and condemn a man for what we want to say his depravity is.
John Parsons has unfortunately chosen to conspire with others in an unlawful attempt to keep a worthy Brother, David Watts, from rightfully being installed as his successor pursuant to ARTICLE VII of the organization’s Constitution.
Going further proclaiming now that Parsons is in fact the Mason who should be expelled from Nebraska Freemasonry and not Watts, as you would think based on the Moral Turpitude clause. On the evening of 17 February 2011, before the close of a duly opened Lodge of Master Masons in Wood River, Nebraska (Cement Lodge #211), the oldest living Past Grand Master of Masons in Nebraska, Donald Swanson, properly and formally installed David Watts as the new Grand Master replacing Parsons. Careful attention was given to the installation being done in strict accordance and compliance with established procedures and within the scope of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Grand Lodge. And, if bad couldn’t go to worse, Van then begins to enumerate the raising of sex offenders as Masons in Nebraska lodges who was left unchecked to move through the chairs. Overwhelming, isn’t it?  The picture of a train wreck comes to mind from all fronts here, especially if even half of what Van reports is to be believed. Truly in this train wreck, only time will tell which engine stays on the tracks and if it really reflects a knee jerk expulsion for moral turpitude or a claim of guilty until proven innocent. About Greg StewartA devoted student of the Western Mystery Traditions, Greg is a firm believer in the Masonic connections to the Hermetic traditions of antiquity, its evolution through the ages and into its present configuration as the antecedent to all contemporary esoteric and occult traditions. As a Nebraska mason, past master, and is in close contact with several Grand Lodge officers and past grand masters I can tell you there are several errors in this report. RWB Watts had masonic charges drawn up for 2 other GL officers, simply for performing their constitutional duty by issues charges against him. The fact remains that the guilt or innocence of RWB Watts is irrelevant at this point to the fraternity. Twitter review in 140 characters or less?: Hawthorne's morality tale tries to find life on stage -- and almost does -- but the book is better.
Thoughts on leaving the parking lot?: I admire -- hey, there's another "A" -- what Playhouse on Park is trying to become, with the focus on professional work.
That said, the important questions then become, "Is this production compelling drama?" Does it tell the story clearly, and did it engage me in a way that newly informed my point of view on the situation, the characters, and the world in which they lived? In a contemporary world where we are inundated with stories of infidelity, extramarital sex and casual hook ups, "The Scarlet Letter" forces us to take a look at the nature of compelling physical and emotional attraction that breaks the boundaries of what was acceptable in the 1650's society of early New England, but by today's standards looks almost admirable. While Hester is condemned and degraded by her society for having an extramarital affair and a child out of wedlock, she is unwavering in her faithfulness to her lover and her child's father. The real value of this production, as I see it, is that we are compelled to examine not only human failings, but human values. The real value of the production is that perhaps it forces us to take a second look at our own values.

I have heard many a soccer mom tell their children today, "Good choices lead to good lives." If those moms want to teach their children about choices, we need more productions like "The Scarlet Letter" to show them that they are consequences to choices of all kinds.
In choosing this production the Playhouse on Park has made a daring choice and taken a startling risk, especially in today's economy. Get everything you need from local restaurants, bars, clubs, music, family events and more.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The Time PeriodThe story of the Scarlet letter is set in 17th-century Puritan Boston during the years1642 to 1649. Major ThemesSinSin is clearly a matter of great importance in the mid-17th century Puritancommunity of The Scarlet Letter, as religious sin is associated with breaking thelaw. The man set to be installed as Grand Master of Masons of Nebraska on February 5, 2011, Deputy Grand Master Edward David Watts, was recently arrested by police and subsequently formally charged by the Lancaster County Attorney in Lincoln, Nebraska with four felony crimes. In fact, it has come to our attention that even though Masonic charges have been filed, the leadership of the Grand Lodge of Nebraska and the Nebraska Jurisprudence Committee appear to still believe there is nothing that can prevent Watts from being installed as Grand Master. Regardless of whether or not any of the current felonies with which Watts is charged are dismissed or reduced, the totality of the circumstances dictate that Watts must be expelled from the fraternity lest it be viewed by the public as a secret society that condones misconduct by its leadership and further covers up such behavior.
First, prior conviction of a crime of moral turpitude (or in some jurisdictions, moral turpitude conduct, even without a conviction) is considered to have a bearing on the honesty of a witness and may be used for purposes of witness impeachment. A reading though the published journal gives a detailed reporting of one, seemingly, Nebraska Mason observed the incident as Robert J. In all fairness to Watts, a good deal more discovery has taken place and interesting discoveries have been made.
It appears the Grand Lodge of Nebraska has been taken over by a self-appointed group of Past Grand Masters and their cronies reducing all honest and trusting Masons to being nothing more than a source of funding to support their wishes and whims. He thereafter went directly to Denver, Colorado to attend a regional conference of Grand Masters as Nebraska’s representative. Watts was in fact arrested and in fact charged with the crimes.  The Grand Lodge of Nebraska website shows as its leadership John T. He is a self-called searcher for that which was lost, a Hermetic Hermit and a believer in “that which is above is so too below.” Read more about Greg Stewart. The Jurisprudence comittee did agree with MWB Parson’s descion that no Mason can be installed with Masonic charges pending until after his trial was completed. Rizzo that the play falls short of the book, but they are different mediums and different art forms all together.
If there is a weakness in the play's book, it is not in its faithfulness to the novel, but in the fact that it points only briefly to the fact that Hester's husband has been presumed dead for TWO YEARS before she commits this "betrayal". He wasborn in 1804 in the city of Salem, Massachusetts to Nathaniel Hathorne, Sr., and theformer Elizabeth Clarke Manning.
His firstnovel, Fanshawe, was unsuccessful and Hawthorne himself disavowed the work asamateurish.
The Puritans had settled in New England to practice their religiousbeliefs after leaving the Old World, where they had been persecuted. These include First-degree Assault, Strangulation, Terroristic Threats, and Use of a Weapon to Commit a Felony. Watts has already done significant damage to the fraternity by making the wrong decisions that led to his latest felony arrest and his past criminal misconduct contributes to the overall assertion that he should not be Grand Master.
Second, moral turpitude offenses may be grounds to deny or revoke a professional license such as a teaching credential, license to practice law, or other licensed profession. Having members of the Masonic Fraternity and those in other appendant bodies treat him royally has, in my opinion, gone to his head. This was done in spite of the fact Parsons had sent a letter to all Past Grand Masters telling them he would have them expelled from Masonry if they participated in installing Watts. He needs to get his legal problems sorted out even come close to being an adequate Grand Master.
I am a 37 year Iowa Mason who was a dual member of the Lodge in Phillips, NE while working in Grand Island in 2008-09. That works just swell for Shakespeare -- who was writing for the stage to begin with -- but less so here with an 19th century novel which is another thing altogether, In a way, the adaptation -- by Stuart Vaughan an Marie Kreutziger -- is a little, too, faithful.

It makes no more sense to compare them then it does to compare a film version of a novel to a theatrical production. I wonder how did he not notice the perfectly period costumes designed by Martin Thaler that transported us seamlessly back to the 17th century Boston.
However, Hawthorne returned to Salem where he struggled as a shortstory writer for 12 years.
Watts’ tactics include making unsubstantiated claims that the charges will be dropped, the police were corrupt and wrong, and the man he victimized is lying.
Third, it is of great importance for immigration purposes, as offenses which are defined as involving moral turpitude are considered bars to immigration into the U.S. Parsons, the incumbent Grand Master, proved the fraternity can provide a means to make good men bad when they ignore and corrupt the teachings of the fraternity and its Constitution and Bylaws. I believe he just can’t accept the fact that from the ranks he came, and now most properly, to the ranks he must return.
As I visited many Lodges, I knew several past & present GL officers thru regular mtgs in the area including Cement Lodge which appeared to me be a well-governed Lodge. In Directing this Stuart Vaughan has placed a value on the classics that one hopes continues to inspire younger generations to leave their ipads behind for an evening and enter a world that is both ephemeral and powerful. He published Twice-Told Tales in 1837.His insufficient earnings as a writer forced Hawthorne to enter a career as a BostonCustom House measurer in 1839.
Their beliefsemphasized God’s omnipotence and the concept of election, the idea that salvation ispredestined.
This is in an effort to ensure no Masonic punitive action takes place before he is installed as Grand Master.
Bad people, even egomaniacal asses manage to wedge themselves into all organizations even the most honorable Masonic Fraternity.
Swanson was the only one willing to thumb his nose at Parsons and see the deed was done without interruption. All that said, I would agree that ‘Van” whose column I read earlier (& who leaves no obvious method for readers to respond) “may” have made some valid points BUT did so is an unmasonic way.
While some scenes work well, others are just stiff and dull.But Playhouse deserves an A, and not just a scarlet one, for effort. Watts then intends to keep pushing back his trial until after he leaves the Grand East or doesn’t care if he is convicted of the crimes once he is already Grand Master. Thus, Puritan communities were centered on the idea of purity in thought anddeed, and sins were rooted out and punished harshly.The physical setting of The Scarlet Letter reflects the beliefs and habits of thePuritans.
Your column is the first I’ve read that has objectivity, same for “Nebraska Mason” whose comments are right above mine.
This theater is seriously undertaking a wide range of projects, several of then quite ambitious -- hey there's an "A" -- and trying to bring the level of professionalism up.
Throughout the book, we are taken on a mini tour of the most importanttown buildings and structures.
I sense ALL parties concerned need to only state facts, not inuendo and ascribe good intentions to all Brothers until such intentions are proven or not. In this case, it has brought a distinguished director of the American stage, Stuart Vaughan to town. The Scarlet Letter wasan immediate success that allowed him todevote himself to his writing.
Vaughan stages the show simply and well and trusts Hawthorne and his actors.Does the trust pay off?
Then, if found innocent, he could regain his position and Masonry would appear to to profane as indeed a group where the individual subordinates himself to the good of the fraternity as we promised to do.

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