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We had almost forgotten about it with all the cold weather, but the annual Victoria's Secret Swim Catalog is upon us already. This year the Swim cover model is Candice Swanepoel, everyone's favorite South African Victoria's Secret Angel. Victoria's Secret posted the cover photo on Facebook this week, stating simply, "The sexiest swim season ever starts now…. This secret drawer is concealed by a sliding side in the side of the merchant’s chest. Di Barbara Palvin avevamo gia parlato qualche mese fa, presentandola come la new sensation della moda mondiale.

The catalog, celebrating its sixteenth year, is kind of like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in that it highlights one lucky model every year on the coveted cover. The blonde also scored the Swim cover in 2012 and 2011, which seems a little unfair to Behati, Miranda and the rest but we have no say in these things. La modella ungherese a 19 anni e gia diventata una delle donne piu richieste in passerella, tanto da spingere marchi come Prada e Victoria's Secret a sceglierla come testimonial ufficiale. Candice and the rest of the models (including Karlie Kloss!) posed for the catalog shoot in Turks and Caicos and Miami, snapped by photographer Russell James.
In homes now." If only the warm weather and cute swimsuits were in our homes right now, too.

Bellezza fresca ma gia matura, Barbara Palvin e stata scoperta a soli 13 anni, mentre camminava per le strade di Budapest, e da allora ha iniziato una carriera in ascesa continua, culminata per ora con l'ingresso negli angeli di Victoria's Secret, marchio che punta forte su di lei. Tanto da affidarle il primo servizio fotografico in solitaria, per la collezione 2012 - 2013 di intimo.

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