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Die Motive auf diesem Shirt sind ein Auszug aus (Die Kleine Grosz Mappe) des Malers, Grafikers und Karikaturisten George Grosz (?1959). This 12,7 cm tall Leopard Fez is covered with the softest leopard-print fabric and comes with a black tassel. John Drake is a special operative for NATO, specializing in security assignments against any subversive element that threatened world peace. The Obstacle in His Way: Ex-fiancee Kirry Campbell, currently being stalked by one very angry admirer. Lang Patton had battled his conscience for years after breaking his engagement o pretty Kirry Campbell.
Secret Agent Man can also be found as one half of the single-author anthology Man of the Hour (HQN, 1 Mar 08). About Smart City MemphisThis is Smart City Consulting's blog and its purpose is to connect the dots and provide perspective on events, issues, and policies shaping Memphis and its future.

One caucasian men detective secret agent criminal with gun in silhouette studio on white background. Wir finden die Lithografien sind in neuem, doch vergleichbarem Kontext auf unseren Shirts gut aufgehoben. I enjoyed reading about the characters, and found both the story line and subplots interesting, and important. A bad situation, outside factors, words exchanged in the heat of anger, and personal hang-ups all worked against them. The steps they take and how they react to secondary characters and outside factors was realistic, and enjoyable. King’s Ransom is a satisfying end to this little series, and is a book I still need to find. Seeing how Kirry and Lang work through their issues and build an actual relationship (the second time around) is gratifying.

She had a relationship with Lang, but that ended badly, and while it did affect her, she doesn’t approach him like a wounded puppy. The impact is greater when you know Lang is a former CIA agent who has come home to take over as head of security for a private security job (in San Antonio). The selfless acts of the characters, their personalities, and the plot all make Secret Agent Man a welcome read. I like how Kirry stands up for herself, and doesn’t particularly have a terrible past. The serious and important undertones of the book are something I think every person should consider.

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