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Ronnie Kasrils has written a dramatic account of his late wife, Eleanor Kasrils, and her role in the struggle to end aparteid.  The Unlikely Secret Agent is an appropiate title for this petite, shrinking lady who worked in her mother’s bookshop in Durban, and lead a double life, acting as a courier service for the communist party.
There is a detailed narrative recalling her interrogation by the Special Branch and subsequent confinement in the Fort Napier mental institution due to her hunger strike in protest of her treatment during the 90 day detention act.  Eleanor managed to secure some sanity at Fort Napier by befriending some alcoholics and prepare for her escape.
Author and husband, Ronnie Kasrils went on to become South Africa’s Minster of Intelligence and wrote his autobiography, Armed and Dangerous. I enjoyed reading this book and would have been interested to read some thoughts from her daughter.
Corrigan is virtually a textbook lesson, day by day, of how to do a continuity newspaper comic strip.

While elsewhere other forces are marshalling “best of the year” retrospectives for 2009, I am nagged by a comic I failed to commend as of 2008. Sarmiento insists most strenuously on Cushman’s respectability when he describes her move to New York, and her ability to withstand the erotic temptations of the theater world in which she finds herself. She is more of a soldier, perhaps, than most men, but above all more of a true woman than most women. Rip is unshakable, even when a fashion model is shot on his upscale New York City doorstep while Desmond the butler serves the morning coffee.
A secret agent for the Union Army, Cushman won the trust of Confederates when she toasted Jefferson Davis from a Louisville stage.

Sarmiento, provides a vivid example of how a woman skirting the edge of respectability might reclaim her claim to virtue through service as a female soldier—an updated version, perhaps, of Lucy Brewer, the fictional prostitute turned marine. His biography of her was reprinted in many editions, and Cushman toured the country reenacting her exploits.

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