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Anne Frank and the Secret AnnexNo matterwhat happenswe have to record it.Anne Frank was a young girl which had to be included to the war because the only reason that she was a Jewish girl.
Anne's beloved diary, which was saved from the Secret Annex by helper Miep Gies and returned to Anne's father Otto after the war. Margot Frank receives a call-up notice from the Nazis to return to Germany to work in a labour camp.
Dentist Fritz Pfeffer joins the Franks and the Van Pelses in hiding in the Secret Annex (Anne gave Fritz Pfeffer the pseudonym Albert Dussel in her diary).
The occupants of the annex are transported to Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp on the last train to leave Westerbork.
Anne and her sister Margot are transported from Auschwitz-Birkenau to Bergen Belsen concentration camp. During weekdays, when there were people in the building, they had to be completely silent and spent much of the time creeping around. Anne's worst nightmare came true when the Secret Annex was discovered August 4, 1944 by the Nazis. You must have the expansion or stuff packs listed below installed to use this custom content.

She recorded all the things that happened to her and the things she had thought about in the diary.
One month later, following an arson attack on the parliament building (Reichstag), Hitler introduces emergency laws that repress any political opponents. Miep Gies saved Anne's diary following the raid on the annex and returned it, unread, to Otto after the war.
It shows the kitchen, bathroom, Anne's bedroom, and the secret moveable bookshelf that concealed the Annex.
The landscaping is simple, only because there was no landscaping and I also wanted to keep it simple just as the family?s life?s they led before the war.
Through her diary we got to know and feel her and other Jews which got sacrificed with the feeling pain. They are joined by the Van Pels family one week later (Anne gave the Van Pels family the pseudonym Van Daan in her diary).
If you have forgotten your password, click here, or if you have forgotten your username, click here instead. They were sent to Westerbork, a concentration camp in Holland, where they were made to work for the Nazis.

Also we learned that we shouldn't make war and we should respect the world and all the people and live peacefully. Only seven people knew that the family was there - these friends smuggled food and clothing to the Franks when they could. A month later, they were sent to Auschwitz, a concentration camp in Poland where the conditions were horrible.. You may want to use the Sims2Pack Clean Installer instead of the game's installer, which will let you install sims and pets which may otherwise give errors about needing expansion packs. Do NOT use Clean Installer to get around this error with lots and houses as that can cause your game to crash when attempting to use that lot.
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