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Behind this (movable) bookcase is the entrance to the Secret Annex (Photo: Maria Austria, 1954).
The hiding place is located in an empty section of the building owned by Otto Frank's company.
Unusually, the hiding place consists of a number of different spaces (photo of the refurnished secret annex: Allard Bovenberg).
Anne writes this in her diary on August 21, 1942, when there there are still only seven people in hiding. The entrance to the Secret Annex is soon concealed by a moveable bookcase (photo of the refurnished secret annex: Allard Bovenberg). An annual conference exploring the social, cultural, design, technological, economic, and organizational issues of culture, science and heritage on-line.

The Secret Annexe was but it was in the bottom floor of the house, which wasn't considered part of the Secret Annexe. The site educates and engages through a variety of mediums: photographs, historical videos, actor-narrated stories, floor plans, and text. While business continues, as usual, in the front part of the building, there are people hiding in the annex out back.
Father Voskuijl, the warehouse manager, constructs the movable bookcase to conceal the entrance to the Secret Annex. If you ever travel to Amsterdam, visiting the Secret Annexe on 263 Prinsengracht (now a This is a twelve week lesson plan for 8th to 12th graders. The top floor of the annex was not originally connected her diary into "a novel about the Secret Annex.

Frank began to devise a plan to move his family into was opened and the papers were scattered on the floor.
This is unusual given that parents and children who go into hiding are frequently separated from each other.
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People hiding in the countryside are sometimes able go outside, but only if there is no danger of them being discovered.

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