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Though naval ships will keep getting stealthier, you probably won't see many pure stealth ships like the Sea Shadow in the future, because even though the ship is mostly invisible to radar, it can still be detected by radar. The publication by WikiLeaks of more than 250,000 diplomatic cables were reportedly downloaded from a classified database belonging to the US Department of Defence network.
In order to facilitate these security agencies the sharing of information, the Net-Centric Diplomacy database (NCD) was created, classified information up to the top secret level would be stored there and government agencies could access that database through their own secure networks. The US Department of Defence network created in 1995 was called the Secure Internet Protocol Router Network, or SIPRNet. SIPRNet supports the Global Command and Control System (GCCS), the Defense Message System (DMS), collaborative planning and numerous classified war fighter applications. There are no special SIPRNet computers but every authorized user must be approved by his chain of command, then he or she will receive a user identifier and will have to set up a strong password at least 10 characters long including two upper case letters, two lower case letters, two numbers, and two special characters and it must be changed at least every 150 days, the rules also specify that the user must not leave the computer while logged-in, not even for a cup of coffee. Linking a computer with access to the SIPRNet to the Internet or to any other computer or media storage device that has not been approved for use with secret information is a serious security violation. Once any media storage device has been plugged into a computer with access to SIPRNet it becomes classified at the secret level and can not be used in insecure networks such as the Internet, although after the Wikileaks scandal all SIPRNet computers have been blocked from downloading data to removable media.

Regular military precautions for using classified material also require that the computer’s random access memory must be erased and laptop computers with access to SIPRNet must be stored at a secure approved location when not in use. The following text below is partial chat transcript of private Bradley Manning with Adrian Lamo. I have been with NearlyFreeSpeech webhosting for three years (not this blog) and this review is based on that experience.
When the German Army plunged across the frontier into the USSR in June 1941, they collided with a huge Red Army on the way to invading Europe.
US staff having access to SIPRNet includes embassy personnel, army officials from other countries, state National Guard officials and Department of Homeland Security personnel. Bradley Manning was a 22 year old US army private with access to SIPRNet and allegedly responsible for leaking thousands of secret US documents to Wikileaks. In a campaign replete with the surprises concomitant to a treasonous intelligence service, the German Army soon encountered another surprise, the Soviet Secret Army. The Soviet Secret Army was an army nearly as large and powerful as the humongous Red Army, it was the NKVD.

Navy Sea Shadow craft gets underway at dusk to participate in events associated with Fleet Battle Experiment-Echo, sponsored by Commander, Third Fleet and the Maritime Battle Center. It was a massive armed juggernaut of infantry, motorized, tank, special forces, convoy, railway and police units every bit as powerful as the Red Army, the largest army in the world. Many of the units of the NKVD Army, the USSR’s praetorian (police state) guard were composed of fanatical communists, totally brainwashed to view all free men as a faceless mass to be murdered, enslaved or subjugated.
This NKVD Army not only made sure that the soldiers of the Red Army would fight, but also fought to the death on the frontlines of the Eastern Front.
Soviet Secret Army is an e-book full of surprises that will enthrall the reader as he discovers yet another hidden facet of the evil Soviet Empire’s Human Sausage Grinding machine.

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