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Secret Avengers #8 injects the series with a newfound sense of surrealism, and the results are great. When the writers of The Walking Dead and Morning Glories unite for a book it’s a huge reason to rush to the comic store.
Rogue, Gambit and Frenzy just want to make a fresh start teaching at the new mutant school but an old X-Men villain wants to give them a lesson in revenge.
If the idea of Anne Hathaway as the feline femme fatale in The Dark Knight Rises is catnip to you check out this collection.
So far Secret Avengers #26, New Avengers #24, New Avengers #26 (Iron Fist as the Phoenix)have been the only tie-in AVX books revealed so far…but this is a crossover event so stay tuned!
Marvel writers like Cullen Bunn, who is making a career of writing bad guys as leading men (Magneto, Lobo, Sinestro) named Taskmaster as one villain he wants to write. Rudd will face Yellowjacket (Corey Stoll) on the big screen but Ant-Man doesn’t have a list of major enemies. Cullen Bunn is writing acclaimed series starring iconic villains along with anti-hero Deadpool. When the Age of Ultron begins next month – the monstrous machine takes over Earth and decimates nearly all heroes who stand against him in part one of the series by Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan Hitch.
Le coffret contient les 14 comics Secret Wars de janvier + l’edition collector.Dans A-Force, une equipe de super-heroines protege son domaine (par Wilson et Molina). Robert Kirkman and Nick Spencer tells the story of the ultimate thief who can steal anything except the life he lost.
This week the groundbreaking character gets his own series and hardcover graphic novel featuring the GLAAD Media Award outstanding comic story about Kevin’s first meeting with Archie and life before Riverdale.

Captain America and Hawkeye aren’t checking out the Red Light Nation for the golf or beaches. The Descendents are evolved from the most famous (and infamous) robots and androids in the Marvel Universe.
Chris Claremont and Marc Silvestri were on board the Uncanny X-Men when The Reavers infamously crucified Logan in the Outback – a haunting cover. Marvel gave MTV Geek this spectacular cover image and a foreboding press release for Secret Avengers #26. Fans may jump to the idea of the European actor as a villain for the sequel but will be be the main bad guy? Wait until you see the Red Hulk grabbing and smashing the Avengers’ greatest enemy in this new preview art from Age of Ultron #3 courtesy Marvel!
Dans Thors, le Thor Ultimate cherche a resoudre une enquete criminelle (par Aaron et Sprouse). A master criminal tries to connect with the son and wife he lost while evading the FBI and an even bigger threat. Is this the child that could bring Kitty and Colossus back together or has an alien enemy delivered a curse on my favorite X-woman?
The fact that Nick Spencer is treating this as an ongoing development rather than a cliffhanger in need of immediate resolution is one of his most inspired choices yet on the book.
Expect new writer Rick Remender to turn up the action and violence as the covert team faces a new Masters of Evil.
They know they need operatives who can function on the level the world and the universe is at now,” says Brevoort.

Marvel is releasing the Father Files this week to give fans an idea of what to expect when Rick Remender takes over Secret Avengers. It's an eclectic cast that allows Spencer to bounce between humor in Taskmaster's case, political intrigue with Graviton and Superia, and outright horror with Jude the Entropic Man. The issue becomes a bit disjointed as it bounces from one set of characters to the next, but it always remains entertaining.
And the highlight of the issue is easily those scenes focused on Bobbi attempting to blend in. Spencer takes a very psychological route, with Bobbi beginning to question her very memories and whether she is, in fact, a female Avenger caught behind enemy lines or just one really confused scientist.
For a character who who had all but dropped off the map again before this series debuted, it's great to see her back in the spotlight and in such a creative new state. His strongest pages focus on Jude and his Dark Tower-esque lair, where surreal fantasy quickly morphs into all-out horror. In general, Ross does a great job of mixing the usual black ops aesthetic with more surreal flights of fancy. At this point, any fears that this series would ignore the quirky, oddball elements that made Rick Remender's Secret Avengers work so memorable have receded.

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