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When we talk about finger-lickin’ good fried chicken, there is only one thing that comes to mind: Kentucky Fried Chicken, more popularly known as KFC. Sanders dropped out of school at an early age and took several other jobs, like a steamboat pilot, an insurance salesman and a railroad fireman, but he really wanted to become a businessman and a chef.
As Sanders’ restaurant became popular and his store capacity grew, he worked really hard to give his customers the best-tasting fried chicken.
Here in the Philippines, customers go to KFC for its wide selection of delicious food, which includes the Original Recipe Chicken, pasta bowls, sides and deserts. A patient and hardworking man who was passionate about his work, Colonel Sanders has left a legacy known worldwide and continues to make his presence felt in all KFC stores through his finger-lickin’ good food. Agar-Agar Pandan or Coconut milk pandan flavored jelly is easily available at the cake shop or bakery in Singapore.
The owner of KFC, Pizza Hut, Carls Jr and Starbuck stores in New Zealand has reported a 5.8 percent increase in second quarter sales.
Restaurant Brands says revenue grew by $5.9 million to $108 million for the 16 weeks ended early September. Restaurant Brands said the secret behind KFC's success is a refreshed menu which offers new family meals.
The Double Down - a sandwich using meat instead of bread with bacon and cheese which the fast-food outlet describes as a "sensation" - continues to sell well.
Meanwhile, sales at Pizza Hutt stores open at least a year have gone up by more than $1 million to just over $15 million.
The chain has reduced the number of its owned-stores by three to 49, as it continues to sell outlets to franchisees. Burger outlet Carls Jr was another encouraging performer for Restaurant Brands, contributing $800,000 to its overall sales total. In our modern age of big business and intellectual property, the secret recipe is a genuine commodity -- mostly in terms of publicity value. When Kentucky Fried Chicken was sold to an investment group in 1964, marketing specialists began heavily promoting the secret recipe angle, even though evolving food storage and preparation technologies had long since changed the formula. Like KFCa€™s Original Recipe, the formula for Coca-Cola has become, over the years, more of a publicity strategy than an actual trade secret.
Unofficially, versions of the historical recipe have been disclosed, published and even broadcast several times, although the company has never officially confirmed the authenticity of any recipe. At least one version of Pembertona€™s handwritten original formula -- there were several variations -- has been more-or-less verified, and you can even download a PDF with instructions for home brewing. Still a family-owned business, Bush Brothers & Company first began canning fruits and vegetables in 1904.

The new recipe was such a huge success that the company dropped its other concerns and switched to beans exclusively, evolving from a regional cannery operation into a major national brand -- Busha€™s Best. Up until the late 1980s, Vernors was still a local operation and the drink was only produced by licensed regional bottlers -- with strict instructions. African-American entrepreneur Wally Amos founded the Famous Amos brand when he opened his own cookie store in Los Angeles in 1975.
When Amosa€™ efforts to establish his own agency failed, he turned to the cookie business, a somewhat counterintuitive move in 1970s Los Angeles. Now, have you ever wondered who that old bearded man with glasses you always see in KFC stores is? He experimented with several pressure cookers through trial and error to determine the right amount of temperature and the exact mix of the perfect seasoning to improve his recipe. According to Natalie Perez, marketing director of KFC Philippines, “Other than our food’s so good taste, what makes us different is our heritage.
But some sources stated that the secret recipe for KFC fried chicken has never been revealed. Any lab scientist with a gas chromatograph can isolate the ingredients in a given substance, but the mystique surrounding certain recipes -- the Coca-Cola formula, or KFCa€™s Original Recipe -- has its own intrinsic marketing value.
Sandera€™s a€?11 herbs and spicesa€? is one of the most famous trade secrets in the food business, and one of the most brilliant marketing ploys ever conceived. Harland Sanders first began serving his chicken dishes out of a service station in Corbin, Ky., in the 1930s. A copy of Sandersa€™ original recipe is said to be held inside a vault at KFCa€™s headquarters in Louisville, Ky.
Officially, the formula for Coca-Cola is a heavily guarded asset, kept under wraps in the a€?Vault of the Secret Formulaa€? at the World of Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta. Coca-Cola was originally concocted as a nerve tonic in the 1880s by pharmacist John Pemberton, who sold it as a cure for headaches, fatigue, anxiety and even morphine addiction.
The Bush recipe was first introduced in 1969 and serves as the base formula for the companya€™s since-expanded range of canned baked bean products. Tomatoes were the companya€™s first specialty, though they eventually branched out into blueberries, blackberries, corn, hominy and green beans. Because the family-owned company retains control of production at all of its canneries, the 1969 recipe abides.
Highly carbonated and powerfully flavored, it's the oldest surviving ginger ale sold in the United States.
Company founder James Vernor -- then a humble clerk at a Detroit drug store and soda fountain -- was experimenting with new ginger ale flavors when the Civil War broke out.

He was six years old when his father died, and this forced his mother to work for the neighbors to support her family.
That’s when he came up with the perfect mix of 11 herbs and spices which made him and his Original Recipe chicken world-famous. In 1967, archeologists unearthed a stone cookbook tablet, attributed to caveman chef Thag Milchner, detailing the secret recipe for his famous mammoth stew and hangover remedy known as the a€?Thagomizer.a€? We kid, we kid. His fried chicken became so popular that Sanders abandoned the gas pumps and opened his first restaurant.
Devotees of Vernors can attest that the formula for the worlda€™s strongest soft drink has, alas, mellowed over the years.
As a talent agent for the William Morris Agency, he discovered and signed the folk duo Simon & Garfunkel and worked with some of the biggest musical acts of the era, including Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross. Within a year he had opened two more California stores and was shipping off his gourmet line of cookies to high-end retailers like Bloomingdalea€™s.
But Amos continues to make gourmet cookies from his home in Hawaii and works as an advocate for childhood literacy. Sanders being the eldest child had to take care of his two younger siblings while their mother worked. This popular recipe, which Colonel Sanders developed in 1940, is still being used in all KFC stores and remains to be one of the top secret recipes in the food business.
The two main secrets behind the delicious flavor is the monosodium glutamate (MSG) ingredient and the use of a pressure fryer. A savvy businessman, he soon franchised his operation and his method of pressure frying chicken with a special packet of, yes, 11 herbs and spices.
Ironically, Coca-Cola was one of many drinks and tonics on the market derived in part from the coca plant, and as such initially contained trace elements of that planta€™s famous psychoactive alkaloid -- cocaine.
For more than a decade, Famous Amos cookies were arguably Americaa€™s most famous confection. In the 1950s, Sanders arranged to have his a€?Original Recipea€? sent to franchise restaurants pre-mixed, so as to preserve secrecy. In 1969, owner Condon Bush developed a new baked bean product based on his mother Kathleena€™s home recipe. Amos was indeed literally famous, making regular TV appearances in late 1980s and early 1990s.

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