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REGGAE Reggae sauce mogul Levi Roots denied being a “bare-face liar”, despite admitting the story behind his franchise was a marketing ploy.
He is being sued by his former best friend Tony Bailey, 52, who claims it was his secret recipe that was successfully taken into TV’s Dragons’ Den in 2007.
The court heard how Mr Roots wrote to Sainsbury’s using the same story before winning a ?50,000 investment on the BBC show. Mr Bailey and financial adviser Sylvester Williams are suing Mr Roots for a third share each in the sales of Reggae Reggae sauce.
As far as mod-revival bands go, Secret Affair were probably the purest -- a text book example of all that was good (and bad) about the revival.

The High Court has heard Mr Bailey’s claims that he created the sauce in 1984, and came up with the name. Earlier he told the hearing the story behind the sauce – that his grandmother gave him the recipe and it became the taste of the Notting Hill Carnival – was a marketing ploy. Defending his “marketing ploy”, he said he had tried to “recreate the flavour” of his grandmother’s seasoning. They could write concise pop songs but in the end, their arrogance and inflexibility doomed them. Glory Boys, the band's first album, was one of the finest albums produced by the revival and the single, "Time for Action," served as a perfect youth anthem.

By 1980's Behind Closed Doors (the second album), the band seemed to place a little too much importance on the fad, staying in character even after it was clearly out of style -- at the end of their career, they were veging on the point of parody.

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