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Anyway, I was watching an old David Blaine special and in it he was doing a card trick in which the shot briefly is a little low and you can see the bottom of the card.
Nefarious and Caitlin and I watched one of his old specials, Street Magic I think, and he was doing a lot of mind reading tricks, which are very easy to write off as being done with plants when you see them on TV, or as shots that fail 95% of the time and he only guesses right through perseverance.
Today we went to the Royal Winter Fair and looked at all the animals and then the halls filled with people selling stuff that they’d imported from China masquerading as local craftsmanship (I got a gorgeous wooden bowl that I was a lot less happy with once I realized it was made by slave labor, which is my fault for once again falling for a too-good-to-be-true price), as well as lots of people selling preserves and other skills that are much more satisfying to do oneself at home. Anyway, I used the last of my leftover silicone to try and cast a mold over a sculpture that I’ve grown less happy with over time.
Well, as always I’m not bothering to proof read this rambling nothing, so I hope I have at least not reversed any meanings.

Unfortunately the card is blurred, I think intentionally rather than from motion so you can’t see the card name.
My drive is to make complex and detailed masters, but really for soap, it’s better to just keep it simple in terms of the design. We are including a lot of popular games such as 3d games, action games, sports games, board games, dress up games, girl games, kids games, online games, internet games and much more. I’ve made a few others as well, including some non-square ones to fit specific items. I wanted it to be cute but it isn’t at all, and making it out of foil rather than a darker matte finish was a poor choice.

Most people are just horrible, and maybe I forget that because I’ve spent most of my life surrounding myself with beautiful people, both in my real life and with BME, which is, to me, the very definition of self-actualized beauty. The last few times they’ve treated me like a drug-seeking addict and done nothing to help me.
At what point does what they’re doing become so obviously cruel that it’s as wrong as any wartime torture?

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