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Even more Chelsea Clinton wedding details: Presidential moonwalking, the gift bags, the friend's band -- and where'd that crazy Oprah rumor get started? So we weren't the only ones to get a leaked tidbit from Kitty Kelley's new Oprah Winfrey book. Oprah had a hot love affair with John Tesh -- yes, the future "Entertainment Tonight" anchor and New Age piano tinkler -- back in the '70s, when they were rival news anchors in Nashville, according to a New York Daily News excerpt. People who've spent time with her and longtime companion Stedman Graham told Kelley they don't seem at all affectionate with one another, but the book doesn't attempt to "out" her. The book reports that she once ordered two pecan pies from room service and devoured them immediately, reports the New York Times.
Other reviewers of Oprah's live have commented on the tight control Oprah has over her employees, and, the connections she has in the media as reasons Kelley was unable to get more juicey tidbits. It makes you think what other groups, say, masons are able to keep that tight cloud of secrecy over their inner workings, and is their a connection between the masons and Oprah considering what NWO religious beliefs Oprah pedals, and the weaving into the population she is able to hoodwink the populace into paying for books the new agers own the publishing houses of, she gets YOU to pay for the new age beliefs she sells you.

The knights templars use to guard the road to the holy land and accoompany travelers on the road to Jerusalem, they use to have a banking system where someone could deposit money in a bank in europe and take out money in Jeruseleum so they would not have to carry money on the road. I find it interesting she takes from peoples personal lives for her show, (in more ways than one) yet is so closed in her own life.
And the 6 dead slaves that she said on 60 minutes many years ago where she gets her ideas from. Ah, one thing with the masons and women, they encourage that lesbo sexual energy synergy stuff.\ It's a nobrainer to them. Yeah, Oprah who called herself a "prostitute" went from heterosexual to lesbo all on her own? And, her tight lippped, contract muzzle for her employees, she did all that on her own too. It seems her hole business enterprise is run like your local masonic hall, where there are "secrets" inside the lodge, mish mash of religions, they hold up those duel beliefs, present themselves as "christians" and do good deeds for everyone to see while they continue their weaving and making money and leading people away from any truth, and any faith in anything good that is for the people, especially of belief in God.

THe guardians of the road to jerusalem is the same template she uses for other celebrities and book publishers through the (bank) her show.
And I get high ratings and billions of dollars for showing the pilgrims of profits the way to success. It is all set up the same way, whether audience member looking for answers or writers looking for profits. But honestly -- doesn't that sound like a story that Oprah would have told about herself on one of those battling-fat episodes?

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