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Amanda co-founded Notting Hill Post, trains people for interviews and presentations, is on the board of brilliant theatre company Borealis. Nomad the roving cinema screen will be popping up again for Valentine’s night in The Lookout in Hyde Park. 7 Ways Secret Cinema Uses Experiential Marketing To Engage Film FansHow customer-centric thinking helps Secret Cinema meet and exceed expectations at key moments. At the essence, Secret Cinema relies on a simple, but hugely effective formula: engage a core group of highly devoted fans of cult film, and host an incredible immersive experience which is both exciting and social, allowing them to enjoy the event and connect with similarly devoted fans. However, this business is uniquely challenging for one key reason: when it comes to cult cinema, fan expectations are incomparably high.
Ensuring that this year’s event goes without a hitch is of paramount importance for the organizers this year, and it seems they are willing to go to some lengths to ensure fans and ticket holders remain happy. Fans and ticket holders of the event looking to celebrate Star Wars Day however, were not to be disappointed. For Secret Cinema, sensitivity and awareness of the customer journey – from the moment a customer signs up to the mailing list or purchases a ticket, right through to their experience of the event – forms the backbone of the overall experiences that they provide. As the examples below show, the organizers are mindful of the needs and desires of an audience of highly engaged, passionate filmgoers and fanatics, and react to those touchpoints accordingly. Here are seven ways Secret Cinema uses super-experiential experiences to engage cult film fans. Taking over an abandoned school in Hackney, 2013’s production of The Shawshank Redemption saw attendees having to participate in prison drills before being sentenced to watch the film. 2014’s Back to the Future Production allowed audiences to have a burger and a milkshake in a replica 50s diner just like the one that featured in the film.
Right from the early days of Secret Cinema, there has been an innate understanding that immersive moments are the key to defining incredible experiences.
These days, when brand experiences are looking to encourage shares, immersing audiences, and letting them get lost for a moment can inspire real loyalty. Secret Cinema used guerrilla marketing tactics to drop clues about the this year’s secret location. Secret Cinema has the power to move people, and change their perceptions of what seeing a film entails.
Secret Cinema aims to capture a sense of mystery that is fleeting and rare in everyday life, because often, that’s exactly what consumers want. Infusing a sense of mystery means that people can be surprised by events, and their expectations can readily be exceeded. What makes the concept so strong is that all the activities that Secret Cinema engage in contribute to the final result.
Momentology is the leading digital marketing strategy and news resource for senior marketers who believe in a strong customer-centric focus and want to learn how to be visible and persuasive in the moments that really matter. Brands that tap into experiential imagery will help create an unforgettable shopping experience for millennial consumers.
Here’s what marketers need to know about recent updates rolled out by Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat aimed at improving the user experience. At the Tour de France, brands are using experiential marketing to connect with and thrill fans.

Momentology is the study of consumers and the digital media they use and engage with across the entire consumer decision journey.
This is where you can learn how to engage and influence consumers throughout the purchase funnel, in order to increase revenues and grow brand equity. Yoga Hosers: Johnny Depp et Kevin Smith aux cotes de leurs filles Lily-Rose Depp et Harley Quinn Smith! Top Celebrites : Jules Sitruk, Booder, Francois Damiens, Ashley Greene, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Nikita Lespinasse , Colin Firth, Olivier Marchal, Isabelle Adjani, Josephine Japy, Lorene Scafaria, Andre Dussollier, Naomi Scott. Secret Cinema returns to London from February 17 with a new show - and it’s about the Cold War. The immersive cinema company, which combines live performance with classic film screenings, held a sell-out run of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back last summer. Although this year’s film has not yet been confirmed, the event’s organisers have been dropping heavy hints online.
From the repeated Cold War imagery, and the fact that a “sister event” will be held in Moscow from March 17-20, many are convinced that it's Stanley Kubrick’s Dr Strangelove, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. In the 1964 comedy, described by critic Roger Ebert as “arguably the best political satire of the century”, a series of botched decisions and miscommunications lead to a world-ending nuclear war between America and Russia.
Previous Secret Cinema shows have been themed around well-known, popular films, including Back to the Future and The Shawshank Redemption, so the enduring cult appeal of Dr Strangelove makes it the most obvious contender. Attendees will be each be given an individual character identity as a member of the “Department of Cultural Surveillance”, and will be able to talk with each other over Secret Cinema’s own social network.
Trained as a journalist and actress and has lived in Notting Hill for 25 years tho' started life in the industrial north east of England.
It is a Notting Hill based on-line webzine with news and views on what is on in and around the area. Secret Cinema uses a variety of original ways to engage their highly devoted customer base. The onus is on the organizers to flawlessly deliver complex, intricate productions and events – or else suffer the wrath of the fans. They do this by a variety of means, but the one aspect that unites their activities is their willingness to act on audience desires, and deliver exceptional customer-centric moments.
It’s fair to say that most fans will be willing to share content about the films, stories or characters that they are passionate about, and some, would bite your hand of at a chance to express their fanaticism. Certainly, there are bigger, better opportunities to engage, but loyal fans have particularly high expectations and it means there is a greater risk of disappointing customers. That filters through to people’s social media and image sharing networks, and the digital conversations become part of the event. When it comes to entertaining super-fans, a brand is expected to deliver an amazing experience.
The overall journey, including buildup and hype, have a strong online presence, especially when it comes to the way fans are eager to share experiences on social media.
One of the reasons why the concept works so well is that it redefines something that audiences already know and love, and changes their perceptions of what to expect.
Not only between the start and end of a film reel, but beyond that, creating an experience that immerses and has the capacity to wonder and amaze.

When you have to power to move consumer, it means you can stand out from the crowd and win the loyalty of your audiences.. It gave the events an air of exclusivity, but above all it created a sense of mystery and thrill around the whole event.
The natural reaction for a brand doing these kind of events may be to push a heavy promotion schedule, but sometimes less is more. What audiences love about the events is that everything more-or-less comes together on the night, to create an unmissable overall experience. That then filters through into social media conversations which also becomes part of the event. Let momentology know on Twitter or in the comments below.Patrick HongPat is one of the founding writers of Momentology. In the meantime please feel free to browse the great content and articles on the momentology website.
In a break from tradition, the choice of film was announced in advance - and screenings began to sell out just fifteen minutes after ticket sales opened. 1965 spy thriller The Ipcress File, and 1964’s Fail-Safe (another take on Mutually Assured Destruction) are also possible choices, but neither shares the popularity of Kubrick’s film. Above all, a commitment to customer-centric thinking gives the brand an edge when interacting with such fans. Thinking from the audience’s perspective allowed the organizers to consider how building mystery served an important aspect of the experience. He likes banoffee pie (with a dollop of marmalade), spiders (just give them a chance), and stories of the impending zombie apocalypse (get ready).
Time to act.” Over recent weeks, Secret Cinema’s Twitter feed has posted a series of enigmatic messages, addressing military and secret-service “operatives”. The immersive experience which combines screenings of cult films in secret locations, with live-action entertainment and theatricals, has become a runaway success. You meet essentially a flash mob all dressed the same as you and make your way to the venue – think big and unusual. Your sheep herders are actors who will be in character, obvs’ related to the film, which is also a secret.
When you arrive at the screening location you will note it has been appropriately decorated and the actors will perform a few scenes to get you in the mood. You have a drink or two, watch the film, go home and feel very whacky, cool and alternative. Actually you have just watched a filming in costume, something my kids do every week, but it is great fun and we highly recommend it.

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