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First off: In the first episode they made a point to show her grandma being worried about everything but now she is barely in the show. I also found it kinda weird that Cassie did not even try and listen to the creepy guy when he started telling her all this stuff even though she had been pushing other people for answers.
I think the principal and Charles are trying to get their powers back , and I think that getting the circle together will do that.
I’m starting to think that Diana deserves better than Adam at least Cassie is trying to keep things on the friendship level between them but Adam keeps pushing closer to her.

For Faye, the reliance on other members of the circle to do magic and spells is frustrating. But the ability to work together helps form friendships and even save lives in this week’s episode.When Zachary, an old friend of her mother’s, accosts Cassie, she is forced to work with the other members of the circle to find out why.
Zachary blames the circle’s parents – the previous circle members – for something that happened to his girlfriend, Heather. The circle assume she died in the boat fire sixteen years prior, but Zachary tells them what happened is ‘much worse’.

He tells Charles that he knows he is up to something magic related, and attacks Charles, before going to the school dance to kill one of the new circle members.

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