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Until that blessed day, we promise to be with you every second of the hiatus (more like hell-itus! Festival Central The Neon Demon Keep up with all the films and parties happening at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.
Jake warns witch-hunters chief Isaac that Cassie's magic is too strong for the usual methods and that someone else is targeting the kids' circle, is ordered to speed up but insists he must first win her confidence.
In summary, The Secret Circle, Season 1, Episode 16 “Lucky” is going to be awesome!

When Cassie reports her grandmother missing, the circle witches, including 'substitute' Jake, join her on the search and get pinned down by a storm. We’ll bring you exclusive Secret Circle content to tide you over, while whetting your appetite for the brand new witchy, bitchy action to come.
And we have two more to get through until The Secret Circle returns on March 15th with Season 1, Episode 16 “Lucky“!
Diana refuses to commit to Adam again, claiming they need a break to find out their true emotions.

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