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Check out Kristen and David’s review of the new CW series premiere episode of The Secret Circle.
I’m Kind Of Disappointed With The First Episode, I Expected More Coming From A Really Good Book Series. I agree completely that the character of Faye seems REALLY over the top and one dimensional. I will give it a chance for couple of more episodes, but I am not holding my breath for it to get actually good.

I Didn’t Mind That It Was Totally Different From The Book But I Hated That Everything Was Laid Out In The Very First Episode. For the most part, it was very predictable, characters really shallow (first moment I have seen Natasha Henstridge character I knew she plays a villain), characters relations made stupid. They Need Better Character Development, Better Spells, & A Different Style To The Show.
Not a single things stands out, too many stereotypes and too many elements used over and over.

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