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Just a few days left in this year and I thought I would wrap up the shows and anime I’m watching and I have really fallen back compared to what I used to watch. When an alien attack threatens the Earth’s existence, giant robots piloted by humans are deployed to fight off the menace. Watching an episode at anytime I have and right now there are so many good anime shows that I haven’t seen and a few of the new shows that I am adding to the list. Plot Summary: Seventeen years ago, several meteorites carrying seven types of alien crystals landed on Earth.
Tandoji has this power that he has no control over until he meets Ruri Aida, how has a power that can help him harness his. Plot Summary: The inhabitants of the continent of Cruzon are born with the ability to freely control quartz.
From the onset this anime grabs your attention with some very intriguing characters and an intense storyline with countries on their verge of war, and friends being caught in the middle of it. Shin Getter Robo is a fictional mecha from Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa’s Getter Robo universe.
Fewture makes one of the best models out of all the companies, moveable and almost all in metal which is very impressive. That name knows no borders, we all watched him back in the 80s and many of us remember Grendizer foundly. When I saw Grendizer I remembered the theme song playing in Arabic and remembered watching it on the TriColor Sony TV we have back in the 80s. In celebration of Grendizer’s 30th Anniversy the Italian C4DTeam Studio collaborated with the UFO Project to make the ultimate Grendizer short video. AboutMarzouqI'm a Kuwaiti guy who enjoys the simple things in life, riding bikes, going to the race track, snapping photos wherever I go and am always on the move.
All different kinds of Anime in this list, there are a few that I am missing and adding any more to the list I will be lost with which episode I am watching, happened to me a few times before. The story of this OVA is very weak and there’s barely any character development, but what this OVA lacks in story and character development, it makes up for with probably the Most Awesome Mecha fight scenes that are almost as amazing as the mecha fight scenes in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

I’m watching the list below all at the same time depending on my mood since they are all pretty good and different.
Given the name of Sacred Seven, these crystals withhold the power to alter DNA and cause mutations.
Technology based on this power allows them to perform a great multitude of tasks such as shoot projectiles and pilot mobile suits (called Golems in this society). It first appeared in the last volume of the Getter Robo Go manga, then made famous by the Super Robot Wars series of video games. Recently while traveling I came across this Grendizer model I picked it up right away without a second thought. Kuwait TV Channel used to be so advanced back in the day, they dubbed the best shows and we all loved them. When I first this I got insanely excited, for a second I thought they are remaking Grendizer and it looked amazing, especially inside the cockpit, and since they have already started up Mazinkaiser, they are going back to a few old school anime and they might bring this one back, lets hope they make a few more short videos at least. I have restarted Bleach at last, slowly chipping away at the mountain of episodes left, it is one of hell of show, I loved where I picked up. I recently finished a few and added to the list below, and recently I heard some news which shocked me, Bleach has come to an end.
Inheritor of overwhelming abilities from this enigmatic legacy, Alma Tandoji is an unsociable 17-year-old student feared by his schoolmates due to several rumors of his violent behavior. The problem was that they were trying to get a dark effect but throwing in some comedy at the wrong time. Rygart Arrow is an un-sorcerer, a rare individual who is unable to levitate even the smallest crystal.
Rygart has a pecular character and is called by the king and queen who are his school friends to help them with their dilema. This one is from the old school Shin Getter 1 from 1993 and its mean and I love it, I have the Great Mazinger and Mazinger 1969 which are very cool. This is larger model and I was happy that I saw when I picked it up, it fit perfectly next to all the other ones currently on my shelves.

Too many good shows out there to watch, but right now the top four are Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures, Mobile Suit Gundam Age, Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon, Bleach. Receiving word that the unstable island s reactors might explode and vaporize Japan at any time, the Japanese government awakens the most destructive force ever devised MazinKaiser!
Its a bit shocking because that is the anime that got me into downloading torrents, before I used to buy the DVDs and wait months or years to watch them in the US but then I discovered Bleach towards my last year in the US and loved it.
He is contacted by Ruri Aiba, a rich teenage girl and CEO of the powerful Aiba Foundation, who pleads him to help her fight a mysterious enemy that very recently started causing massive havoc through the land. If the story was longer they could have made it a bit more complex and still kept the comedy, it was a very good anime to watch and I enjoyed it but it wasn’t consistent that was its only real fault.
Living with his brother on a farm, he receives a letter from an old friend, Hodr, the current king. Now I remember why I loved Mazinger Z, Mazinkaiser, and Grendaizer as a kid, these amazing fights make me want to jump right into the robot.
I stopped watching it at episode 189 and now it has ended on 366 which I heard is an epic Battle, so when I start Bleach I won’t stop.
Close companion of the king and queen when they were students at Assam Military School, Arrow is informed that a war is about to occur.
For only six episodes this is one very complex anime with so many angles to it, and extremely well done its fantastic. I’m honestly disappointed that it was only 6 50min episodes, I wanted to see a lot more and enjoy more out of it but for only 6 episodes I loved it.
No one has been able to move it and Queen Sigyn, an expert engineer, suspects that maybe an un-sorcerer might be the key to activate it.

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